Girl studying, sitting in front of a book wall

Getting into the groove

Whether it’s only been a few months, or few years since you last studied, it can always be a challenge getting back into the groove of the study/life balance.

Regardless if you’re online or on-campus, everyone has a different way of getting their study done. We’ve combined our most tried and tested techniques that have helped us get back into the groove and staying on top of your studies.

Build a good sleep routine

Okay, so this one is a given. Getting decent sleep is essential to creating good study habits. Sleep is a vital activity that everyone needs to function. By creating a good sleep schedule, you can help restore your circadian rhythm after the holiday period. According to NCBI, The Circadian rhythm is “the 24-hour internal clock in our brain that regulates our cycles of alertness and sleepiness.” Maintaining your circadian schedule has been shown to increase your energy levels during the day, making sure you don’t hit that 3 pm slump in the middle of lectures. To have a functioning circadian rhythm you need to be going to sleep and waking up around the same time every day.

Eat a wholesome diet

Brainpower comes from eating the right foods. So, make sure you are eating a balanced diet full of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, healthy fats, and protein. Not to mention to drink plenty of water during the day! If you aren’t sure how to begin a balanced diet, check out this resource here.

Plan your day the night before

Your day begins the night before. It’s handy to plan your day ahead to ensure you’ve set yourself up for success for the next day. This might involve setting out the clothes you want to wear, packing your gym clothes or books, and making your lunch. This won’t only help your morning run smoother, but it will have you feeling ready for the day ahead before it’s even begun!

Exercise and take time to relax!

Study. Eat. Sleep. Repeat = never helped anyone, in fact, it’s a one-way street to burnout.

Don’t forget to do the things you enjoy! Whether it be moving your body, hanging out with friends, or taking time to relax, these are all important activities that are going to keep you productive with your studies in the long run. Have you checked out SportUNE yet – this is another of the facilities that we, UNE Life run, the facilities range from the gym to group fitness classes, fields, a thermal pool, rock climbing wall, community sporting competitions, you name it!

Don’t be afraid to reach out for support

Getting back into a study routine can be a daunting task for some. But you are never far from support at UNE. Be sure to reach out to the team at Advocacy & Welfare for confidential and independent support on anything study or personal related whilst you’re at UNE. You can reach out to book an appointment with them here.

And good luck! We hope you have a wonderful trimester! Keep an eye out on our social for future student centric blogs, and all the fun stuff happening during the year – we host events, with free food, MBPT, and more.

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