Handy things, FAQs and important information

What is UNE Life's mission?

To provide an outstanding experience for UNE students, staff and the wider community.

What is UNE Life's ABN

29 065 648 419

How can I book an Intensive school pickup?

To book your Intensive school pick up please fill out this form bit.ly/IntensiveSchoolPickups

How can I give feedback for a UNE Life event?

We love your feedback as it helps us improve for next time and give a pat on the back to our teams that have worked really hard! If you have any event feedback please let us know here bit.ly/LifeEventFeedback

Where can you find UNE Life Student HQ?

UNE Life Student HQ is located near the Northern Carpark at UNE in the old Union Arcade

How can I book internal UNE catering?

Booking catering at UNE has never been easier. Please fill in this form http://bit.ly/UNEInternalCatering and the friendly team at Life, Functions & Catering will get back to you shortly!