About UNE Life

Our Mission

To be a leader in the delivery of world class co-curricular services that enhances the UNE experience. 

UNE Life. The skinny.

At UNE Life, we’re committed to making your student experience outstanding. We manage many of the services and facilities you’ll use throughout your time at UNE, ensuring they’re accessible, student-focused, and meet your needs.

We’re a non-for-profit

UNE Life is a business dedicated to enhancing the experience of our university students, both on-campus and off-campus, staff and the wider New England community through exceptional and people-focused services.

We are a wholly owned, not-for-profit entity of the University of New England independently governed by a Board of Directors and led by a Chief Executive Officer. Put simply, we are part of the University family, and we are a company.

We look after many of the services and amenities that you’ll encounter during your time at UNE or in the wider Armidale community, we try to ensure our services are as accessible and people-centric as possible.

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Our values

Honesty | Transparency builds trust.

Respect | Yourself, others, and all we do.

We are a team | We get things done, together.

Never settle | We live for continuous improvement.

Surpass expectations | We focus on customer satisfaction.

We’re committed | We do what we do because we believe in it.