Rural Crime & Law Photo Competition

We pose the question:

  • What characterises crime in the rural as conveyed through photographic imagery?

Take a photo that captures in some way notions of crime in rural spaces. Write a short blurb about your photo – think about its context and what it depicts.

Submissions are not limited to but could consider one of these example themes: 

  • perceptions, representations, and realities of rural crime
  • rural victimisation
  • rural crime
  • access to criminal justice services
  • how rural crime is shaped by rural geography, society, and culture
  • crime prevention in the rural
  • law enforcement in the rural
  • the causes of rural crime
  • the aftermath of rural crime
  • legal and criminal justice institutions
  • and so on…Without constraining and limiting creativity and thoughtfulness, photos do need to capture in some essence rurality, crime, and the law.


  1. Carefully read the terms and conditions.
  2. If you agree, tick each box below and then click submit.
  3. Fill in your details and upload your photo and a blurb about it.

Terms & Conditions


1.The Rural Crime and the Law Photo Competition aims for broad engagement and is open to everyone and anyone. The competition themes and content will reflect rurality and representations of crime, and everyone is encouraged to participate.

2.The competition is open to anyone aged 14 years and above. Consent to enter the competition and be included in research outcomes is implied by clicking the acknowledgement and acceptance boxes at the end of these terms and conditions.


3.Entries will comprise digital photography, taken on a camera, mobile phone, or other electronic devices.

4.Photographs should be taken contemporaneously (taken not before 1 January 2020)

5. Photographs that identify people in any way, or property such as license plates and addresses will not be accepted. Photographs that portray the perpetration of a criminal act will not be accepted and please note that section 4.6.6 of the National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research requires you to be informed that “in research that may foreseeably discover illegal activity but is not designed to expose it” you need to be aware that with any such discovery there may be a resulting legal obligation of disclosure; and that the extent to which the researchers will keep confidential any information about illegal activity by participants or others may be limited and that there may be legal obligation or order to disclose such information.

6.The acceptable format and the deadline for entries will be prescribed on the competition website. Any entry received after the deadline of each round will be deemed invalid.

7.The University of New England (UNE) reserves the right to verify the validity of all entries and to disqualify any entry which, in the opinion of UNE, fails to comply with these terms and conditions, contains objectionable content or infringes copyright.

8.Discretion as to whether or not an entry complies with the theme rests exclusively with the project team and the competition judges.

9.Any entry deemed by the project team and the judges to be abusive, offensive, obscene, discriminatory, or derogatory will be ruled ineligible. All entries ruled ineligible will be immediately deleted from any public space and the creators of abusive, offensive, obscene, discriminatory, or derogatory entries will be removed from further participation.

10.Entrants retain ownership of and all rights to their entries. As a condition of entry, the University of New England reserves a royalty-free, non-exclusive right to:

  • Use your entry to promote the Centre for Rural Criminology, the Australian Centre of Agriculture and Law, and the UNE First Peoples Rights and Law Centre.
  • Publish your entry on the Centre for Rural Criminology and/or other University of New England websites as part of a permanent online photographic exhibition.
  • Publish your entry in University of New England internal and external communications, promotions and research, and make available to partner institutions and organisations at the discretion of the University of New England.
  • If selected, to print and mount your entry for the purposes of a gallery exhibition(s)
  • Keep the files submitted, any hardcopy generated, and to archive the images in electronic and physical forms, so that your entry can be used for the above purposes.

11.Entrants should also be aware that their entries are subject to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policies of any third-party sites on which they may appear (Facebook or Instagram) and as such their removal, use, and reproduction, may occur outside of UNE’s control, subject to these terms.

12.The University of New England warrants that the owners of any entries published in the above ways will be credited and acknowledged as such. This credit will include the name(s) and, where possible, and unless the entrant requests otherwise, contact details of the entry’s owner(s).

13.Entries can be submitted at any time during the competition through the competition website.

14.There is a limit of one entry per person.

15.UNE collects personal information such as name, age, and email address about entrants to enable them to participate in the competition and for the purpose of carrying out the competition. Any requests to access, update, or correct information should be made to UNE via Centre for Rural Criminology UNE will make every effort to implement corrections to published information subject to the terms and conditions of the host site.

16.Entrants agree to the publishing and disclosure of their entries, personal information (for the purposes of the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998 (NSW)), including their name and image in any marketing or other publications associated with the competition, UNE or the exhibition in any format, including but not limited to video footage, audio recordings, photographic images, written material or testimonial statements. UNE’s obligations related to the management of personal information are outlined in the Privacy Management Rule.

17.Entrants agree to make the original of their work available for an exhibition, performance, or event at the University of New England if required at a future date. UNE will contact the entrant via their nominated email address to make any such arrangements.

18.UNE will not be liable for any personal injury, loss, damage or expenses (whether direct or consequential) to persons or property arising out of or otherwise connected with this competition or entry into this competition.


19.By submitting an entry, you warrant that the entry is the original, unpublished work of the entrant(s) nominated in the submission.



20.Competition judges will be drawn from the University of New England staff and alumni, from esteemed members of the community, and from outstanding artists and photographers.

21.The judges will be revealed on the competition website. Judges may not enter the competition.

22.The competition judges’ decisions are final and no correspondence nor discussion will be entered into regarding the judging process or the outcomes reached.

23.Judging criteria will be prescribed on the competition website.


24. A total prize pool of $1700 AUD will be offered. Prizes will be awarded as prescribed on the competition website.

Judges’ choice

  • First ($500)
  • Second ($300)
  • Third Place ($200)

 Higher Education Student Prize and Youth Award

 A student’s award ($300) will be open to any enrolled undergraduate and post-graduate student. There will also be a young person’s award for entrants aged under 18 years of age ($200). Details of arrangements for the selection of the Students’ Prize and the Youth Award will be provided on the Competition website. Winners shall be chosen by the Judging panel.  A prize-winner determined by the Judging panel is also eligible for the People’s Choice Award.

People’s choice

A people’s choice award ($200). Details of arrangements for the selection of the people’s choice award will be provided on the Competition website, and the winner based on the largest number of votes received. This determination will be final and no correspondence nor discussion will be entered into regarding the process or the outcome reached. A prize-winner determined by the Judging panel is also eligible for the People’s Choice Award.

Notes about prizes

  • The winners will be contacted via the email address provided by the submitter following the official results announcement. Cash prizes will be transferred electronically after the winner’s details have been confirmed/or a pre-paid cash card will be provided.
  • Prizes will be held by the University of New England for two weeks after the winners have been announced, after which time the prizes will be forfeited and become the property of the University of New England.


25.Winners will be notified via their nominated email address and publicly acknowledged on the competition website.


26.This project (including the competition) has been approved by the University of New England’s Human Research Ethics Committee, approval no. HE21-104

27. Please refer to the plain language information statement below

Implied consent

28. I have read the information contained in the Information Sheet for Participants and any questions I have asked have been answered to my satisfaction.

I agree to participate in this study, with the understanding that:

  • My participation is voluntary
  • My contribution will be named, however, I can choose to remain anonymous
  • Information concerning my age and address will be collected, but not published
  • I may withdraw at any time without consequences and without follow-up
  • I agree that the research data collected for the study will form part of an exhibition and may be published or presented at conferences
  • I agree that my synopsis and photographs might be used for promotional materials
  • I am 14 years of age or older
  • If registering on behalf of a minor; I have explained the implications of the research to my dependent and I have the authority to register on their behalf

By submitting your entry via the below Ninja form, you agree to the above and also to participate in this study.

Plain Language Information Statement

Plain Language Information Statement