What is MBPT?

The MBPT programs offer’s all UNE students a chance to pursue their interests in the intercollege sports competition and the awards are presented to the college(s) that achieves the best results for the given year.

These trophies are a significant reminder of the importance that has always been placed on sport at UNE and the role in which it can play. From humble yet passionate beginnings, today they remain an integral part of on campus life here at UNE.


Mary Bagnell (MB)

The Mary Bagnall trophy was donated in 1965 by an anonymous donor and named after the principal of Mary White College for the winner of the women’s inter-college sports competition.

President’s Trophy (PT)

Two years later, in 1967 the President’s Trophy was established for the winner of the men’s inter-college sports competition.


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What to expect.

MBPT is all about bringing the whole on-campus community together.

Join in the fun with 6 Arena style participant friendly and spectator focused events that include; food, music, merchandise and fun add-ons like mascot dance-offs, supporters in college T-shirts, hair colour/face paint stands and random lucky seat prizes.