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UNE Clubs Space

In addition to finding our Clubs & Student Experience Manager at UNE Life HQ, you’ll find a dedicated UNE Clubs & Societies space that club executives can access 24/7.

The Club Common Room is a non-bookable space, and it’s designed to throw clubs and their activities together so that you can share knowledge, experience and plans. It’s kitted out with a movable AV unit, modular tables, chairs, noticeboards which we can add more of if needed. If you’re looking for a casual meeting space this is for you. If you’re having a brainstorm and another club walks in, even better.

Sometimes you need the privacy of a meeting room and that’s when you can book the UNE Life HQ Meeting Room conveniently beside the Club Common Room but can open up into one big meeting space or conference room on special request. The General Meeting Room, however, IS a bookable space and Clubs & Societies will be told how they can book this when they are affiliated.

Please note that this room is also used for general UNE bookings from time-to-time and sometimes activity or availability will need to be adjusted.



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UNE Post-Grad Space

The Post-grad space is available to any student studying a post-graduate degree at UNE and is a common study-space where desks are treated as ‘hot-desks’.

The space is available 24/7 and is equipped with a kitchen (including fridge), lounge area, UNE multi-function printer, lockers, and several desks with power and network connections.

To have access granted to your student ID, apply using the button below.



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UNE Womens’ Space

Any female student who is enrolled at UNE has access to the UNE Womens’ Space automatically applied to their student ID.

The room is accessible between 6am and 11pm each day and is a private area that is safe and supportive, where women can relax, socialise and study.

It is equipped with a computer, fridge, lounges, benches, cots and areas for small children to play (Children of both genders up to 8 years old are welcome.)

If you identify as female and do not have access, simply get in touch with UNE Life Safety & Security to have access applied.