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Staff & Student Escorts

UNE Life Safety & Security officers are available to provide staff and student escorts at any time of the day or night. Common reasons for an escort may include:

  • Walking to/from college after hours.
  • Walking to/from your office after hours.
  • Feeling unsafe at any time, day or night.

Please contact Safety and Security at 02 6773 2099 or use the UNE Safe App to request an escort at any time.

UNE ID Cards

Your student/staff ID at UNE is essential. It displays your photo, your student/staff number, and serves as your proof of enrollment.

You’ll need your student ID card to:

  • Borrow books from the university’s libraries.
  • Access UNE Life HQ areas after hours – please apply here
  • Access computer labs (including the IT Building).
  • Sit for examinations (photo ID is required).
  • Photocopy and print.
  • Access college facilities (including catering services).

All applications for student ID cards are done online. You can find the application form, further information, and FAQs here.

Campus Transport inc. the Shuttle Bus

Getting around the Armidale Campus can be confusing for new or visiting students.

UNE Life Safety, Security & Information offers a range of shuttle services to make getting around easier.

For the full range of services and routes, visit our Campus Transport page, this includes information for regular trimester and intensive school periods.

Help Phones

While on the Armidale campus, you might notice security help phones located around various areas. Most are attached to light poles, while others can be found in computer labs, car parks, or lifts.

If you require assistance, simply press the button for a direct connection to UNE Life Safety, Security & Information (except in lifts – in this case, the lift company will take your call and immediately notify us).

General Safety Awareness

It’s always a good idea to be mindful of your personal safety. We’ve put together a list of tips that we should all keep in mind, both on and off campus:

  • Use well-lit footpaths and avoid taking shortcuts.
  • Travel in pairs or groups whenever possible.
  • If you think you are being followed, seek a safe place and call Safety & Security.
  • Utilise the Safety Shuttle and staff/student escorts as needed.
  • Note the location of the Campus Safety Centre offices at B089 and C018
  • Familiarise yourself with the Help Phone locations.
  • Report all incidents or suspicious activity to Safety & Security.

Safety & Security Contacts

Helpful Contacts:

Safety & Security
Phone: 02 6773 2099

Emergency Services
Police/Fire/Ambulance: 000
Police Assistance Line: 131 444

Support Services
Lifeline (24hr): 131 114
Sexual Assault Service (24hrs): 02 6776 9500
Mental Health Service (24hrs): 1800 011 511
Suicide Prevention (24hrs): 1300 363 622
Advocacy & Welfare: 02 6773 3116

UNE Safe App
Other useful contact numbers are available on the UNE Safe App


Your Campus Safety Is Our Priority

The team from UNE Life Safety & Security patrol campus 24/7.

We can be contacted for assistance any time on 02 6773 2099.

In an emergency situation always call 000.

Then, call Safety & Security so that we can provide assistance until emergency services arrive.
Be sure to download the UNE Safe app that contains emergency phone numbers, procedures, alerts and live transport tracking.

Security Master Licence No: 000103237

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