2023 A Year in Review

Learning & Development

Through comprehensive training, we empower UNE Life staff, who have engaged in multiple seminars, workshops, webinars, and training sessions in 2023, including;

  • Return to Work Program seminar
  • Records Management – TRIM training
  • Audit & Risk Refresher
  • Licensee Training
  • Advanced Licensee Training
  • Mental Health First Aider training
  • Sage MicrOpay End of Year Training 2023
  • Local Risk Management – UNE WHS
  • DISC Profiling
  • Employsure seminar – Workplace Compliance
  • Emergency Warden – UNE WHS
  • Fire Drills
  • First Aid and CPR
  • Australia Post online training modules
  • RSA certification
  • Barista training
  • CBAA Conference
  • Leading Teams
  • Rostering in Human Force
  • Timesheet Authorisations in Human Force
  • Purchase Orders in EXO


  • Streamlining staff onboarding
  • Launching hardware procurement program for all
  • Introducing company-wide user identity program
  • Enhancing Cyber Security with MFA, password managers, and more
  • Upgrading servers and decommissioning redundant systems
  • Implementing new software: Share Point, Teams, and Monday.com
  • Enhancing IT policies
  • Boosting adoption of UNE systems


Corporate Services 

  • O’Connor Catholic College has one student in a part-time School-Based Apprenticeship at SportUNE.
  • HR review by Langley Group.
  • 48 of our current staff are students, 8 of those are international students
  • Employment of 4 General Practitioners (GPs) at the UNE Medical Centre – bringing 3 new GPs to our local area

Information Technology 

  • Over 300 support tickets with UNE IT Support this year.
  • Plus 50 tickets for external vendors.
  • 100+ hours invested in IT training and process documentation, including both scheduled sessions and ad-hoc support.
  • Significantly enhanced our E-Waste disposal process by aligning it with UNE’s procedures.

Staff Insights

UNE Life Gender Split

Of the 152 staff we have 66 are Male, 78 are Female and 3 are Non-Binary*.



UNE Life Age Split

Of the 152 staff, we have an age range from 17 to 73.


*non binary not shown in graph. 

It’s challenging not to delve into the intricate details of each club’s accomplishments when we reflect on the incredible achievements of our UNE Life Clubs & Societies in 2023. 

One standout moment, among many, occurred in January when the UNE Scuba & Snorkelling Club, in a collaborative effort with the UNE Zoology Society, embarked on a remarkable expedition to Coffs Harbour. Their mission: the Coffs Harbour Sea Slug Census.

This undertaking resulted in the identification of an astounding 135 distinct sea slug species, with an impressive 32 of them being recognized for the very first time.

Such dedication and excellence didn’t go unnoticed. At the 2023 Student Awards Night, this remarkable event was bestowed with the inaugural Collaborative Event of the Year award. This recognition not only highlights the outstanding achievements of our students but also underscores the spirit of cooperation and partnership that thrives within our club community. It is a testament to the passion, expertise, and determination that our students bring to every endeavour, showcasing the depth of talent and commitment that defines UNE Life Clubs & Societies.

Another exceptional moment of recognition unfolded at the 2023 Australian Law Students’ Association (ALSA) conference, where the UNE Law Students Society delivered an impressive presentation, underscoring the manifold benefits of managing their club in the online realm.

Their unswerving dedication and outstanding achievements throughout the year resulted in the receipt of three prestigious accolades at the 2023 ALSA Awards Night. Among these honours, the club’s president, Lara Glasson, was honoured as the Female Law Student of the Year, while the Outstanding Advocacy Award was bestowed upon Amy Danek, the club’s Social Media Officer. Furthermore, the entire club was presented with the highly coveted ALSA Spirit of Leadership award.

These accomplishments, alongside numerous others, culminated in the team proudly receiving a record-breaking total of nine awards at this year’s Student Awards Night. This remarkable achievement not only reflects their excellence but also underscores the collective spirit of leadership, dedication, and success that pervades the UNE Law Students Society.

2023 Awards

Our annual Student Awards Night is a celebration of the outstanding work, by UNE Life Clubs and Societies, TuneFM, and exceptional UNE students throughout the year.

It’s a night of fun, performances, delicious food, and awards giving as we recognise the achievements of our students.

This years awards went to;

  • Club of the Year (OTY): UNE Law Students’ Society
  • New Club OTY: UNE Zoology Society
  • JCR OTY: Austin Page JCR
  • President OTY: Ash Taylor (UNE Writers’ Society)
  • Secretary OTY: Koady Williams (UNE Law Students’ Society)
  • Treasurer OTY: Michael Bamford (UNE Law Students’ Society)
  • Club Member OTY: Stephanie Hupfeld (UNE Law Students’ Society)
  • Social Event OTY: Industry Dinner (Farming Futures) / Annual Law Ball (UNE Law Students’ Society)
  • Academic Event OTY: AGLC4 Legal Referencing Workshop (UNE Law Students’ Society)
  • Cultural Event OTY: The 2023 Indonesian Festival (Indonesia-Armidale Community)
  • Community Outreach Program OTY: Bush to Beach (NERCHA)
  • Best Online Activation: UNELSS Online Program
  • Collaborative Event OTY: Coffs Harbour Sea Slug Census (UNE Scuba & Snorkelling Club)
  • Merchandise Award: RSUS
  • Marketing Campaign OTY: UNE Zoology Society
  • Club Sponsor OTY: College of Law (UNE Law Students’ Society)


  • Club memberships are growing, and administrative processes are more efficient.
  • New club executives seek UNE Life’s guidance, leading to exciting events and activities.
  • Clubs reach beyond UNE through sponsorships, faculty engagement, and community support.
  • Clubs maintain a consistent calendar of events for online and on-campus students.
  • Some clubs succeed with regular events like Game Nights, monthly try dives, and Writing Wednesdays.
  • Other clubs excel in big one-off events, such as the Industry Dinner, Med Revue, Law Ball, and Green Week Activities.

Partners & Collaborations

UNE SFK highlighted community collaboration by including a range of judges at events including;

  • A range of UNE Lecturers
  • Members of the Armidale Drama and Musical Society
  • Local High School Teachers
  • Employees from the New England Conservatorium of Music
  • Representatives from the Armidale Art Gallery
  • Instructors from the New England Dance Theatre

Looking forward

While the past two years have been dedicated to reevaluating strategies and resources, and providing club executives with a solid foundation, in 2024, we aspire to incorporate the insights and feedback received from clubs into a robust training system that empowers all executives to excel in their roles, as well as continuing to enhance the student experience at UNE.

Presently, the Student Programs Coordinator role involves on-the-job learning. However, as we prepare for the transition at the end of 2024, our goal is to future-proof the position. We aim to furnish incoming employees with a comprehensive manual that guides them in handling various scenarios and identifying the relevant contacts, ensuring a seamless handover process without procedural delays.


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Corporate Responsibility

  • R U OK Day
  • Healthy Campus
  • Mental Health content
  • LGBTQIA+ content
  • BaBH content
  • Allyship content
  • Sustainability content
  • Financial assistance content
  • Free BBQs and food options for students during intensives
  • Free events during intensives
  • Clothes Recycling activation
  • Office in the office dog
  • Wildlife Caring in the Office


Awarded Silver level certification for UNE Healthy Campus.

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