Alcoholic & Non-Alcoholic Events on Campus

For Clubs, Society and JCR events or student parties.

Non-alcoholic events for students

A non-alcoholic event is an organised event on campus that does not include the consumption or sale of alcohol. These events might include; a BBQ, a movie night, a games evening, etc.

All campus events should be submitted for notification. Please allow 7 days for review in order to ensure that any assistance is able to be offered, and that safety and compliance expectations are met. 


notify of an event

Please note, no event on campus should take place without notification and/or approval.

Alcoholic events for students

An alcoholic event is any planned or organised gathering where alcohol is either sold or supplied. These events might include; Aussie night, Welcome drinks, etc.

All campus alcoholic events are subject to approval from UNE and are aligned with legislation. Request approval requires a minimum of 7 days. The only exemption is O-week and Wellness week.

Alcoholic events are subject to:

  1. Download and complete the event request below
  2. Submit your completed application to your Head of College for approval
  3. Your Head of College will liaise with Safety, Security & Information for review
  4. Safety, Security & Information will confirm/advise any changes with Head of college and event organiser
  5. An alcoholic event can proceed only with the above approval

Please note, event submissions must be submitted a minimum of 7 days prior to the event.


Download application


Can a hotel extend their liquor licence for events in College.

Yes. External liquor licence are allowed to operate on UNE property for College events with prior approval from the Director of Residential or Delegate.

Is there a liquor licence on UNE that can operate at our events.

Yes, UNE Life operates;

  • The ‘Stro nightclub licence
  • Bellevue On-premises licence
  • Booloominbah On-premises licence
  • Catering licence
  • Austin Bar licence

One of these may be suitable for your event. If you would like to host an event at one of these events you must email our team

How long before planned events do I have to apply.

Alcoholic events

  • Minimum 7 clear days are required for the approval process of an alcoholic event.
  • The event application must be signed and approved by the HOC or Delegate.

Non-alcohol events

  • Minimum 7 clear days are required for the approval process of a non-alcoholic event.

Can I have an event in my college where we sell alcohol (licensed event)

Yes, subject to approval.

UNE Life holds five licenses across campus and can extend this to areas of your college. This is however dependent on working with our safety and security team to identify areas of entry control, security, fencing, and RSA.

At events where the alcohol is supplied by the JCR do all people serving drinks need RSA qualification.

Yes, all servers must hold a current RSA qualification.

What is the difference between a JCR party, and a licensed event.

A JCR party are those activities organised and paid for by the JCR and its membership. These events have some mandatory harm minimization measures including having food available, and all servers must have RSA certification.

A licensed event is an event that involves the sale of alcohol, for any purpose.

Can we charge entry to our event where alcohol is provided in the ticket price.

No. This would be a sale and is illegal without a liquor license.

What type and size of alcoholic drink can we supply.

Alcohol may be served in standard measures only.

This allows drinkers to judge their alcohol intake and stay within the recommended safe drinking levels.

Can we gather to have a few drinks at College without approval.

Yes, you can, but remember if it is organised approval will be required in advance.

Alcohol and other resources can not be supplied by a JCR or another club, as if this happens this event will be considered an alcoholic event without approval.

Can we have kegs in College.

Yes. However, kegs are only to be supplied at licensed events.

Are drinking games permitted.

No. Any activity that encourages rapid consumption is prohibited.

What is hazing?

Hazing is any action or situation (with or without the consent of participants) used for the purpose of initiation, admission into, affiliation with or as a condition for continued membership or acceptance in a group. Hazing activities may be intentional or unintentional, may involve humiliation, discomfort, embarrassment or physical and/or emotional harm to any individual or group.

What type of food will we have to provide.

To reduce intoxication levels food must be substantial and available throughout the event.


  • Pizza
  • BBQ
  • Sandwiches platters

Not acceptable

  • Lollies
  • Chips and nuts
  • Cheese platters

Is glass permitted at College events.


The only exemption is glassware at formal college dinners.

Can I have my event in town?


We would advise you to have your event at a licensed venue in town. If you need suggestions for this we would be happy to point you in the right direction.

If you have arranged an event in town your College Head must still be informed, this will ensure your safety when arriving back on campus.

Can I submit my request before the head of college approves this event?

No. Your head of college must approve this event and sign the form before any event request can be lodged.

Can alcohol be supplied to or consumed by Students under 18 years of age.


It is against the law to supply an under 18 yr old with alcohol.