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The wearing of the gown, trencher, and hood/stole with the colours of your degree, is an honour you share with other graduates of the University of New England.


How to wear a gown


If you would like to “Gown up” for a memorable photo of your achievements The Shop has a wide range of gowns, bonnets, trenchers, hoods, and stoles for sale and hire, that meet the needs of graduands. You can get this in preparation for our future in-person Graduation – should you wish to attend!


Order your gown


You are now part of a global network of UNE Alumni, and we wish you all the best for your next adventure, whatever that may be.

Thank you for choosing UNE and for being a part of our community.

Graduates and UNE Alumni

2021 Valedictorian's from St Alberts College

Amazing, Emma Kennedy

Awesome, Patrick Whymark

Well done, Wendy Ewin

Congratulations, Muneeza Mohammed

Fantastic, John Yasmineh

Well done, Tracey Beresford

Amazing, Kayannie Denigan

Fantastic, Catherine Mills

Well done, Lachlan Wade Donaldson

Brilliant, Dr Karl Sebire

Amazing work, Emily Hyland

Brilliant work, Fitsume Desta

Awesome, Charles Deeb

Well done, Belinda Ramsay

Brilliant work, Blake Wardell

Fantastic, David Power

Great work, Gavin Mettam

Incredible, Jacob Johnston

Nice work, Jessica Wells

Great job, Lana Kularajah

Fab work, Molly Northcott

Awesome, Natasha Spirovski

Great work, Tayleh-Rose Eden Soames