What is MBPT?

The MBPT program offers all on-campus UNE students a chance to take part in a fun, social, inter-college sports competition. Students compete for their College or Townies (students living in town) team across 8 different events throughout the academic year. Scores are collated and the MBPT trophy awarded to the overall winning team.

These trophies are a significant reminder of the importance that has always been placed on sport at UNE and the role in which it can play. From humble yet passionate beginnings, today they remain an integral part of on campus life here at UNE.


The Mary Bagnall (MB) trophy, named after the principal of Mary White College, was anonymously donated in 1965 for the winner of the women’s inter-college sports competition. Two years later, in 1967, the President’s Trophy was established for the winner of the men’s inter-college sports competition. In recent years, the MBPT competition has been contested in mixed format events where possible. This ensures maximum participation and inclusion, which is a major focus of these intercollege events.


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What to expect

MBPT is all about bringing the whole on-campus community together for some friendly competition and healthy rivalry. Join the fun across 8 different team and individual sporting events. Dress loud & proud in your team colours, and be ready to cheer your team across the finish line!