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A few ways to celebrate our Graduands

Our 2021 cohort of graduates have something to be proud of this coming graduation. In what has been a truly trying past 12 months – they persevered.

It is unfortunate we can’t be with all our graduands (at the moment) as we have in the past, but we are still determined to honour their achievements! #ProudToBeUNE

So, wherever and whenever you’ll be celebrating your graduation; we’ve got a few tips for celebrating in style as you close on your final chapter at UNE.

Plan that celebration dinner/lunch with family and friends.

This is a given. For many students, it’s your friends and family who have been your life-support during your studies. All the countless times you’ve had to choose an assignment over a dinner party or event can finally be redeemed! So why not plan to celebrate your graduation with those you have supported you. Go out to your favourite restaurant, bar, or café… you deserve it!

Say cheese!

You’ve probably dreamt about grabbing that photo of you in your academic gown holding your certificate?

Even though this grad isn’t on campus (just yet) you can still do this – in fact we would LOVE you to! The Shop is selling academic gowns, hoods and trenchers on their website if you would like that special photo – and if you’d like to share it with your cohort simply tag us @unelife2351 and #ProudToBeUNE so we can help you celebrate!

The UNE Graduation Team are in the process of making sure your certificate arrives safely at your front door.

In case you need it, here are our tips on how to wear your gown!

Book a holiday – you deserve it!

For our graduates in Australia,  isn’t it about time you took that well deserve holiday?!  1 in 13 people in Australia work in Tourism; an Industry that was hit hard during the bushfires and pandemic. So, let’s help them out a bit! Think local – all you need is a few days to really let your achievements soak in!

And for all our students abroad… you definitely deserve a break too – make sure you check out the local holiday guides.

Send a message of support to our grads.

We want the cohort of 2021 to feel special and celebrated – no matter where you are! Sending a special message of congratulations, or a photo of your graduation, and we will add this to a wall of messages to this incredible cohort! It literally takes 60 seconds – you can do it here

This way, even from afar, we can celebrate this remarkable bunch of students.

Give a UNE graduation gift.

Usually, on your graduation day you would pick up your gown from The Shop (unless you’ve already ordered it online). the team from The Shop assist with pinning your gown so you look just perfect – but they’re also the team that organise all the memorabilia for the day. They design and provide all of the UNE Merchandise and Graduation Gifts. So, if you can’t be with your friends and family that are graduating this is a nice little gesture to say congratulations!

Send a message of congratulations from anywhere in the world here.