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How to compete with yourself

Blog by the lovely Kate Ryan, Work300 student.

Have you ever wonder how some people just seem to get things done without any hassle or procrastination standing in their way? How they set goals and achieve them with no problems. Motivation is not simply enough to get things started. You’ve kinda got to compete with yourself to get the most out of yourself. It’s all about having self-discipline and creating ways and methods that suit you personally, which is going to give you the push to get your work done.

I know this sounds a little crazy, but check out the tips below and it might make more sense!

Set your goal!

Step one is to choose your goals. Whether you’re goal-driven or not, having a set outline for what you want to achieve is a must for completing things on time. Knowing what you want to achieve and understanding the necessary requirements you’ll need to achieve it, will help you with your goals setting.


Once you have chosen your goal, the next step is knowing how you are going to achieve it, really there’s no point in doing it unless you’re going to make it work for you. Competing with yourself means giving yourself every opportunity to succeed and removing any obstacle that might stop you. Making a plan is a great way to make sure you stay on track. Whether you like having an extensive spreadsheet or a brief outline is all up to you – if you have this plotted out its much easier to stay on task and have enough time to achieve your goal.

Set mini-goals, within your goals

Sometimes, having one big goal can feel unachievable. When you feel like this it’s easy to lose motivation. Our self-motivation and discipline can simply fly out the window! Competing with yourself and knowing how you personally handle stressful situations is going to influence this step. A great way to remove the anxiety of achieving big goals is by setting mini-goals. This means that you’ll tackle something small whilst working your way up to achieving your big goal.

Go for it.

The final step is to just get started. Honestly – you’ve got this, your goals aren’t going anywhere until you start the process to try and achieve them. But it’s all up to you. It might feel scary, but the first steps are always the hardest. Good luck!


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