Churros dusted in icing sugar

Comfort food at its finest, Churros

Blog and recipe from the lovely Katrina Stones, Chef extraordinaire from UNE Life, Functions & Catering

For some of us, this #iso thing ain’t so bad… It means we have time to reconnect with things and people that are truly important to us and start to get back to what we really value in our lives, what we need to live a fulfilled and contented life I guess you would say.


Some of us realised just how much we relied on eating out and takeaway coffee to get us through the day and others realised that being alone unable to connect with others meant we had to learn to connect with ourselves and our families again… shocking and liberating all at once, eh!


So, as the weather has turned a little south it’s my favourite time to turn to comfort. Form me, this means snuggly blankets, warm fires and quiet time with a book and of course, a little treat.


And do you know what, sometimes it’s ok to spoil ourselves, and sometimes that means doing math equations with an entire bar of chocolate! So this week I thought why not do something that is simple yet delicious and the whole family can enjoy, Churros. #yum 😋


Did you know…

  • This dish is actually named after something our region is famous for… I thought it only fitting to show you how easy it is to make this delicious fried pastry that resembles that of a curly horned sheep a “CHURRA”.
  • The jury is out as to who invented these little beauties, weather it was Portuguese sailors, Spanish shepherds, or the Chinese…  You can choose who gets the credit, but during the 16th century, it was the Spanish that shared them with every port they visited. They took some flour, oil, and water into an open fire and made these fried dough shapes. Tossed into cinnamon and sugar and dipped in bittersweet chocolate or coffee they soon became famous.


Makes around 25
  • 250gms plain flour
  • 250gms self-raising flour
  • 375ml boiling water
  • 15ml olive oil
  • Pinch of salt
  • Oil for frying (170 degrees)
  • Cinnamon and sugar to your taste
  1. Sift your flours and salt together
  2. Add the oil and boiling water to the flour,  combine them together with a spoon and then knead well with your hands. You want it to combine together till it’s smooth.
    **Use boiling water, this will mean the mix is warm, you must mix it when it’s hot or it won’t work!
  3. Put the mixture into a piping bag with a No.15 star nozzle.
  4. If you’re confident pipe these straight into the hot oil – this is how you get the curly authentic appearance and fry until golden.
    If your a little more hesitant just pipe them straight onto your bench and transfer them into the oil – this also works well!
  5. Prepare your cinnamon and sugar mix in a bowl
  6. Remove your churro from the oil – they should only take a couple of minutes to cook, once removed place them straight into your sugar mixture to coat
  7.  Dig in!

You may want to serve them with a sauce, chocolate, caramel or raspberry are great, but I prefer them as is! Oh, and any unused mixture can keep in the fridge for 1-2days.


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