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The UNE Student Teacher Society exists to provide a community that enriches and educates our student teacher cohort.

Rhiannon is a very enthusiastic student and has been a pleasure to watch grow into her role as President of The Student Teacher Society. As a whole, the society is a great mix of new and experienced people and as a teamwork extremely hard at planning early and getting their foot in the door with new and exciting events for 2020, I would certainly watch this space.” – James Hudson Clubs and Student Experience  

By joining and participating in UNESTS Rhiannon has found a solid group of friends that has enhanced her time at UNE. Studying a Bachelor of Education majoring in K-6 teaching, she loves being a part of a wonderful group of students in Education who support one another during their courses 

  We shared a few minutes with Rhiannons to find out more about her experiences at UNE and with UNESTS.

 We want to know about you – Where did you grow up and how long have you been at UNE? 

Sure! 😊 I grew up in Inverell, so not too far away from Armidale. I used to visit Armidale quite often before University, so I was prepared for the cold, unlike my other friends who all left their jackets at home when they got here in first year. 

I have been in Armidale for five years now, I had originally begun studying A Bachelor of Education, majoring in Secondary Arts but decided to transfer to Education K-6 a few years ago. Even though I just wanted to get my degree finished fairly quickly and begin teaching, but transferring majors turned out to be the best decision I’ve made in my degree so far.   

Why did you first get involved with the Student Teacher society(UNESTS)?

I saw the stall at their first Lifesaver Day nearly two years ago and immediately saw an opportunity for me to make some friends in Education. I found it hard finding friends in Education because most of the people I knew in the first year had graduated, and so I saw it as a great way to reach out to people in Education again. 

What’s the best thing about being involved in the UNESTS?

enjoy having projects, and UNESTS was the perfect platform to leave my mark on the University in the way I want – paving the way to improve the student experience for myself and others around me.  It’s something I really enjoy!

 What sort of things to you do within the society? 

I try and do as much as I can! My favourite things to do is jumping on the BBQ when we run them, and designing advertising for our Facebook page. In the past year, I was the Secretary, and now as President, I am learning how to manage the society and the events we organise. I am really excited to tick off everything we have on our ‘to-do list’ for the society, but no doubt the list will grow MUCH larger with the ideas we are wanting to bring to the table. 

UNESTS Bbq W Freya Bartlett

 So far – what’s your favourite memory of UNESTS?

Clubbies! It was so great to see the excellence of the Club atmosphere at UNE, and it was nothing I had ever seen before. It was also bittersweet to hang out with Pat (2018-9 President) and Freya (2018-9 Treasurer) as a team one last time.  

James and the team from Tune!FM did so well organising that!

 Apart from your student life, what other commitments do you have? 

I work two casual jobs here at the University (that equal Part-time/full-time work) in Student Success, Volunteer a little bit at Tune!FM, and get involved in as many events as I can. I particularly focus on LGBTQIA+ events in the wider Armidale Community, as I find those events particularly important to me. I have a lot on my plate, but you can bet it is all worth it.  

What’s your favourite UNE event?

Without a doubt, Lifesaver Day! It’s the best time for students to try something new, and it’s how I found most of the Clubs and Societies I’ve wanted to get involved with in my time at UNE (so far).  My close second would be Well Fair. 

What’s on the top of your bucket list?

I really want to live somewhere in Europe that isn’t English speaking orientated for a month, just to see what it is like. 

 Describe yourself in three words? 

  1. Inquisitive
  2. Creative
  3. Ambitious.  

Do you have any guilty pleasures or a favorite procrastination?

Definitely YouTube. I’ll watch Overly Sarcastic Productions, Hello Future Me, or any other channel that discusses books, writing, or History at 1am… with some ice cream instead of sleeping. 😃

Describe your study space

I study whenever I get the time, but usually, it’s at a desk, with my phone as far away as possible.

I also have an itemised study plan in a notebook next to me to keep track of my studies and feel accomplished when I complete each task I set out to do. It’s the best because it keeps me motivated… and looks like a lesson plan. 

Thanks so much for chatting with us Rhi, we’ve loved learning a little more about you and your experience at UNE! 

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