5 minutes with Gemma Oakley, UNEMSA

“There is no doubt that UNEMSA are the most active society at UNE with so many events they hold, including balls, charity events, and themed weeks. They have accomplished so much during 2019 with the awards to show. They won Society of the Year and President of the Year at our Annual Clubs and Society’s Award Night. 

UNEMSA really are the back-bone of clubs, campus and culture.” James Hudson Clubs and Student Experience 

Gemma Oakley is a medical student who is part of UNESMA. Her experiences within the society have allowed her to find like-minded people at UNE. Her favourite part of being part of a society at UNE is that she can get behind some of the awesome events that are held annually. As the Senior Academic Mentor at Earle Page College, Gemma has her hands full but thoroughly enjoys seeing what she and her cohorts can accomplish between their different commitments 

We stole a few minutes of Gemmas time to find out more about her experience at UNE and with UNEMSA.

What’s your favourite UNE event?

Probably First Incision which is held every year at The Booloominbah Collection. It’s always lots of fun and a great way to kick off the year.

What’son the top of your bucket list?

Ha, its quite big, but I’d love to do the Sixfoot Track Marathon in the Blue Mountains.

Describe yourself in three words? 

  • Passionate
  • Particular
  • Peanut-brained

Haha, as much as we love alliteration, we don’t really agree with your third word! 

 What’s your guilty pleasure 

I enjoy trying to find ways to tell people I do medicine without being too obvious. Apparently wearing a stethoscope everywhere I go can be considered “too obvious.” I can’t imagine why… 😂

Describe your study space

Ideally, the Dixson library or anywhere that is quiet, but with enough people around to provide some healthy peer pressure to get some work done. 

How long have you been at UNE, you’re not originally from Armidale are you?

No, I actually grew up in Newcastle and have been studying at UNE for 4 years.

Why did you first get involved with the Medical Students Association (UNEMSA)?

I ran for secretary because no one else applied, and I thought it would be an easy job… I’ve never been so wrong. As hard as it is, I really enjoy it and I’ve learned a lot. 

What’s the best thing about being involved in UNEMSA? 

Honestly, it’s the opportunity to get to know my cohort better and being able to contribute to running awesome events – I’d recommend it to any new med. student!

What sort of things to you do within the society?

In my role as secretary, I really just coordinate meetings as well as picking up all sorts of odd jobs, like voting forms, managing the calendar, etc. I consider myself to be like the linchpin of the committee but a small, unimportant one. 

Apart from your student life, what other commitments do you have?

Ooh, quite a few! This year I was the Senior Academic Mentor at Earle Page College, and I’m also a member of the UNE Sports Academy, so training, college, and sports eat up a fair bit of my free time.  

Thanks for your time Gemma! We love getting to know more about the people behind the scenes! #UNELifeClubsAndSocieties

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