Tom Watt

Interview with Tom Watt

This is a little shout out and a well done to our young, driven people. You inspire us.

Tom Watt is a regular 19 year old guy – cool, calm, collected, loves hanging out with his friends and family. He is studying a Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science at UNE and attends Earle Page College. Tom is ridiculously passionate about fitness. His drive for strength and conditioning, running & squash is pretty inspirational.

Susan Northey, one of our awesome fitness coordinators spent some time asking Tom about his experience at SportUNE and found herself is beyond amazed with his ambition.

He could inspire any gym skeptic into a true fitness warrior

Tell us about your first experience here at SportUNE

I remember signing up to SportUNE three days before I moved into college, finding a gym in Armidale was extremely important to me. I vividly remember entering and being fascinated with the plethora of cardio equipment (something I didn’t intend on using) and weight machines, I was so excited for this facility to become my new gym.

What was your main goal when you joined?

My main goal upon joining was to become as strong as possible, with ideal physic and conditioning in mind. It changed my whole perceptive on life; upon starting last year I was studying a Bachelor of Agriculture and Business, and now this year I am completing a Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science.

We love your passion for wellbeing, how has your interest in fitness changed in the last 2 years?

My passion for fitness has totally transformed over the past 2 years. From starting strength training in October of 2016 to where I am now in July of 2019, my mindset and goals have changed immeasurably. I have gone from trying to be as strong as possible with a determination to change my appearance, to now being over 25kg lighter and wanting to maintain my physic as much as possible whilst improving my strength and conditioning.

What motivated you to step up your fitness cardio?

A number of things triggered me to try implementing cardio into my fitness regime. I was curious about the fitness challenge at EPC that was run by SportUNE, as I had friends that always recommended I do cardio (but I never thought it was something I would ever do). I wanted to change myself for the better, and most importantly change the way I saw and thought about myself. So, it was the blessing my friends who helped ease me into cardio, before I took in on as a regular fitness goal to work on.

What is your relationship with cardio now?

Cardio for me isn’t just about turning the treadmill on to maximum incline at 6km/h until I’ve burned a set number of calories, it is something I have learned to enjoy. Whether that is through fitness classes, running or playing a game of squash, I have come to understand that cardio doesn’t need to be a hassle (whilst sometimes it feels that way, especially when working with a strict diet). Cardio can be fun and has allowed me to live and enjoy my life, for instance, I can do fun things like the Neville’s Corner Store food challenge and know I’m not destroying my body.

Tom Watt at the gym

Losing 30kg is a massive achievement – we are so impressed!!

What would you say to fellow friends and colleagues about starting and maintaining motivation?

Understand that it is about the journey, and learning to love the journey you’re about to undertake. Challenging yourself and trying something new is so important. Surrounding yourself with people who love and care for you, who support you and whilst also keeping yourself accountable is essential. You have to keep yourself disciplined, it is hard but I believe anyone can do it!

Tell us about your fitness journey?

I initially started going to the gym five times a week, to then increasing my attendance to two times a day, six times a week and now going once a day. I have always been dedicated to my routine. This is only because of the community that SportUNE has created within itself, a friendly staff team and patrons allow for members like me to have people to say hello to – this has also created a sense of accountability for myself. Without SportUNE there is no way I would have progressed the way I have today.

Lastly, what do these words mean to you?

Health – Essential
Workout – Growth
SportUNE – Community –  Fun – Laughter
Inspiration – Improvement

Tom’s fitness journey is pretty driven and dedicated – it’s incredibly impressive, but we know it’s not for everyone. If you’re looking to improve your health, wellbeing or just meet some new people engaging in a sporting activity is a great idea. Check out our Clubs and Societies or pop over to SportUNE today where Sus or one of the crew can help you on your journey!