SENCON 2023 Recap

Last week, the UNE Life Student Experience team attended the 2023 Student Experience Network Conference (SENCON) at the University of Wollongong, the largest annual event for student services professionals and student representatives in Australia and New Zealand.

SENCON brought together delegates from a wide range of student service entities, including universities, TAFEs, student unions, guilds, and incorporated organisations. The conference covered a huge range of areas, including commercial services, events and student engagement, sport and recreation, communications and marketing, management, leadership and governance, clubs and societies, advocacy, student welfare and wellbeing, volunteering, and more.

Our team was excited to attend SENCON 2023 to learn from other student services professionals, share our own best practices, and network with potential collaborators.

Key Takeaways from SENCON 2023

Our team returned from SENCON with a wealth of new knowledge and insights. Here are just a few of the key takeaways that they shared:

1. Prioritising Student Engagement

“The Student Experience Network Conference (SENCON) was an eye-opening experience that reaffirmed the importance of student engagement and our role in building a vibrant campus community. One of my key takeaways was the emphasis on understanding our volunteers’ motivations. It’s crucial to connect with those who dedicate their time and energy to TuneFM and learn what drives their involvement. By fostering a culture of appreciation and understanding, we can create a more rewarding and impactful experience for our student volunteers.” – Chloe Green, Student Experience Assistant.

2. Fresh Perspectives on Procedural Issues

“This conference was extremely refreshing, it reintroduced a lot of key concepts allowing me to approach any procedural issues that may arise with a fresh perspective.  Additionally, networking with fellow clubs’ managers reminded me that the problems I face on a daily basis and the larger concerns felt by some Clubs & Societies are being encountered nationwide helping me feel more confident in my role and letting me know that there’s a network of professional contacts I can rely on if needed.” – Nick Troon, Student Programs Coordinator

3. Learning from Innovative Ideas

“SENCON is a unique opportunity to connect with other professionals within the niche of Independent Student Advocacy. We learned about innovative ideas that other university advocates have implemented and look forward to applying them to our own practice.”- Laura Murray, Student Advocate.

The team’s attendance at SENCON 2023 was a valuable experience that will help us to continue to improve the student experience at our institution. We are grateful to the Student Experience Network for organising this important event.

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