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Clubs & Societies Spotlight: UNE Writers’ Society

UNE Life clubs and societies are the beating heart of our student community, fueled by the passion of our diverse student community groups!

They are the architects of connection, weaving a tapestry of shared interests that unites students both on and off campus. As we dive into the rich tapestry of student life, this month’s spotlight is on the UNE Writers’ Society—a haven for aspiring wordsmiths and creative minds.

Leading the charge is none other than Ash Taylor, the visionary President of the UNE Writers’ Society. We caught up with Ash to delve into the essence of the society and explore what it means to be a driving force within its creative embrace. Recently crowned President of the Year at our 2023 Student Awards Night, (Congratulations, Ash, on a well-deserved accolade! ) Ash’s commitment to fostering exploration in the creative realm has left an indelible mark on our community.

Join us as we step into Ash’s world and gain insights into the transformative power of the UNE Writers’ Society.

Tell us about the UNE Writers’ Society?

A: The UNE Writers Society started at the end of 2022, and was born out of a desire to see more support for writers. Any student can get involved – the beauty of the Writers’ Society is that it’s the perfect space for online students to join.

What sort of students are in the Society?

A: So far we have over 60 members, with a mix of online and on campus students. I actually started it (the UNE Writers Society) because as a writer myself I thought the UNE was missing something by not having a club dedicated to writers, especially because we have a writing discipline.

What does a typical meet-up look like for your club?

A: We meet on the last Wednesday of each month, we all get together and share what we’re working on, give each other feedback, and set goals for the following month.

What does being a part of a Club or Society mean to you?

A: It means that I have the chance to help people with their writing and get valuable feedback on my own. I think it’s really important for people to have the space to share their work without fear of judgement and get used to receiving feedback.

Do you have a stand-out moment?

A: Yeah! Seeing how many people were excited for our murder mystery night that we ran with the UNE Games Society.

What would you say to someone thinking about getting involved?

A: Do it! It’s fun, it’s lowkey, and it’s a good opportunity to get started with writing and to improve your writing.

Any exciting plans for 2024?

A: In 2024 we will be running a webinar with an editor to talk about the importance of an editor-author relationship, as well as hopefully running a bookbinding event.

A heartfelt thank you to Ash Taylor for generously sharing his insights and time with us, providing a glimpse into the inspiring world of the UNE Writers’ Society. Your passion and dedication are truly appreciated!

The UNE Writers’ Society holds in-person meetings for members on the last Wednesday of each month, and also over Zoom conference for those off campus looking to get involved and follow along on Facebook.

Check out the UNE Writers Society and all of our other Clubs & Societies here.