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A Guide to Study Centres at UNE

As a UNE student, you have access to a network of regional study centres across New England and Northwest NSW, that can provide you with support and resources to help you succeed in your studies, regardless of your needs.

We understand that students have different learning styles and preferences. While some off-campus students may prefer to be fully remote, others enjoy a more hybrid approach to study. For this reason, UNE offers a variety of in-person study support options across their regional study centres and country university centres.

  1. UNE Regional Study Centres.
    UNE has 8 regional study centres located in Coonabarabran, Glen Innes, Gunnedah, Guyra, Inverell, Moree, Narrabri and Tenterfield. These centres provide students with 24/7 access to a range of resources, including computers, printers, and study spaces. You can find a full list of UNE’s study centres and their locations here. To access study centres, you will need to have an activated UNE student ID card. Once you have your ID card, get in touch with the Regional Study Centres Team via regionalsc@une.edu.au or call 02 6766 3860.
  2. UNE Staffed Centres.
    UNE also has staffed Centres in 3 locations across NSW; Tamworth, Taree and Parramatta. These centres are a hub of UNE student activities, where staff can give you face-to-face student support and students can access a quiet, safe study space. We also run student and community events from our UNE Centres. Each location has its own opening hours and activity schedule, so be sure to check their landing pages for more information on how to contact and access each Centre. They also connect you with a variety of student support services, such as academic advicethe Oorala Aboriginal CentreCareers & EmployabilityAdvocacy & Welfare and Counselling and Psychological Services.
  3. Country Universities Centres (CUC).
    In addition to our regional study centres, UNE is also a member of the Country Universities Centre (CUC) network. CUCs are located in regional and rural locations across Australia. They offer students access to a range of resources and support services, including study spaces, computers, printers, and academic advice. To access study centres, you will need to present your UNE student ID card. Some centres offer extended hours (including 24/7 availability) or weekend access in addition to normal business hours. You can find a full list of UNE’s study centres and their business hours here.

There are many benefits to using university centres. Some of the key benefits include:

  • Easy access to a range of resources, including computers, Wi-Fi, printers, and study spaces.
  • Support from qualified staff.
  • Personal and well-being support services.
  • Opportunities to meet other students and make friends.

Here are some tips for using UNE’s Study Centres:

  • Bring your UNE student ID card. To access either a Regional Study Centre or a Country University Centre, you will require an activated student ID card to scan into the building.
  • Plan your visit ahead of time and check the opening hours of the centre you want to visit. There’s nothing worse than planning to prepare for an important assignment or exam just to arrive and find the centre closed!
  • If you know in advance that you require support, reach out to the centre and book.
  • Be respectful of other students and staff. UNE’s student conduct rules apply to study centres and it’s up to you to make sure your behaviour is appropriate and within the university rules.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it. Study centres exist to support you on your student journey, always ask for assistance or resources when you need a helping hand.

We encourage all UNE students to take advantage of the study centres available to you. They offer a variety of resources and support services that can help you succeed in your studies. Whether you prefer to study in person, online, or a hybrid of both, there’s a study option out there that’s right for you.