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5 things you can do if you’re looking to secure a post-grad job

Blog by Sianna Madigan | UNE Life Student Engagement Coordinator 

It’s 2022, you’ve lived through multiple waves of an ongoing pandemic and have done your best to adjust to ever-changing modes of work and study. Suddenly, in the midst of all that chaos – you’ve reached the end of your degree and have received an invitation to graduate. Congrats!

For some students, graduation isn’t all flying trenchers and long-awaited social media posts. Some of you may be approaching your ceremony without the comfort of a post-grad job awaiting you as you step off the stage, testamur in hand. With that in mind, there’s nothing wrong with not having a job secured come graduation, as many students seize this opportunity to take some well-deserved time off and travel – but there is also no harm in setting yourself up for the job market before your graduation has even begun.

So here are a few simple steps you can take to increase your employability and give yourself a chance on the job market!

First things first. Schedule an appointment with a UNE Careers Coach

A Careers Coach can assist you with a range of things, like deciding what career path is right for you and applying for jobs once you’ve graduated.  You should make the most of the resources available to you while you’re still a student and seek assistance when needed, so you don’t miss out on applying for your dream job. Send an email to today to schedule your appointment. The sooner the better!

Put together a draft of your comprehensive, skills-based resume

Getting rejected from job applications is a standard procedure and something that everybody experiences at some point – so don’t resign yourself to hopelessness or dejection if it happens to you. It’s helpful to think of preparing job applications as a skill you can develop in the same way that you developed essay writing skills while studying. The resources available to you through Employability and Careers will help you get an idea of what your resume should look like. Once you have your draft ready to go, send it through to for detailed advice and recommendations.

Use your network to your advantage

You’ve probably already signed up to job search engines like Seek and Indeed, but you should never underestimate the power of knowing the right person! Building a strong network is something everyone should endeavor to do throughout the course of their careers. For a current or recently graduated student, your network may not be especially large, and that’s perfectly fine! Your professional network can include peers, lecturers, and anybody you did work experience with throughout your studies! Let people know that you’re looking for a job and you’ll be surprised by the opportunities you can uncover. Hint: Platforms like LinkedIn can be especially helpful when it comes to professional networking!

Gain experience

Waiting for your dream job is a great opportunity to spend time building up your skills and experience. You might be thinking, ‘DUH, I’d love more skills and experience, that’s why I’m looking for a job’, but there are actually a number of ways to gain these skills before you land your ideal job. For example, you could apply for volunteer positions, do short-online courses, or seek employment outside of your chosen field for a while. All of these things help to bulk up your resume so when the time comes you’ll be ready!

Protect your mental health

Looking for a job can be stressful. You can do everything right and still find yourself unsuccessful. It’s important to not take rejection personally or as a reflection of your capabilities, the job market is tough for everyone and sometimes it really does just come down to luck. If job hunting is getting you down, you can always reach out to somebody at The UNE Wellness Centre and speak to a student advisor or organise a counseling session.

If you haven’t got a grad job lined up yet, take a deep breath and don’t panic! Life takes many different roads before reaching its ultimate destination, and this is just one small part of a much larger journey that you’re on. Good luck!

Check out what services are available to you at the UNE Employability & Careers website.