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Everything you need to know about the New England Award

What do you know about the New England Award? Maybe you heard about it at the beginning of your degree and forgot all about it… or maybe you participate in a range of extra-curricular activities and deserve recognition for it! The award recognises your involvement in activities such as participating in community sport and being on a student club committee – all of which involve you in learning skills that can go towards your CV. So why not get formally acknowledged for it?!

What is the award?

“The New England Award is presented to students who have embraced the full UNE experience by getting involved in social and community activities that develop life skills.”

What does that mean?

The award essentially recognises students who are involved in extra commitments and responsibilities where skills learned can be included in your CV which may help you stand out from the crowd when applying for graduate positions. It also encourages students to participate in a range of activities outside of study which can promote a positive work/life/study balance.

What activities are recognised?

There are so many different activities that are acknowledged under the award, some include:

  • Participation in social, cultural, and sporting events
  • Training undertaken in addition to your degree
  • Committee membership
  • Event organisation
  • Paid and voluntary work
  • Contribution to your local community and to the University

There are many more activities that count toward the award, which you can browse on the UNE website.

Handy tip: Each activity is worth a set number of points determined by the New England Award (NEA) Program Manager. You can contact the NEA Program Manager if you think an activity is worth more than 50 points or is not listed on the already approved list.

How do you receive the award?

You need to accrue 1000 NEA points to receive the award. If eligible, you will receive the award on your graduation day!

How do I register?

Head to the UNE website and register under the New England Award.


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