UNE Medical Student Association, team photo on stairs

Being a team player

University is more than just study. It’s a time in your life where you can explore what makes you tick, meet new [and life-long] friends, and enjoy what uni life is all about – no matter if you’re online, or on-campus!

I know I speak for many people (myself included) when I say that meeting new friends can be one of the most daunting tasks when starting University. In this blog we’ll divulge into some of the opportunities available to you as a student whilst making some incredible memories you’ll reminisce over for years to come.

Joining a club or society while at uni will not only help break the ice when meeting like-minded people but are also a way to develop soft skills and experiences that are relevant after you graduate – yup, we talkin’ bout job-ready skills!

If you are at the beginning of your degree, or an established student, there is no better time to start thinking about your career aspects and developing your employable skills. So, what better way to hone in on your soft skills whilst also having an awesome time with friends!?

Whether you’re online, or on-campus there is a plethora of social and sporting clubs & societies that meet just about everyone’s interests or studies.

UNE Life Clubs & Socs provide their members with various socialising events, career networking opportunities, academic support groups, and peer mentoring care.

Clubs are the central place where enthusiastic students a can seize the chance to take leadership positions, control budgets, plan, execute, and develop work-ready skills that will complement their academic pursuits to create outstanding and sought-after graduates.

So how can you volunteer and contribute to a club or society at UNE? There are three main executive duties each club has that contributes to how the club is run, how events are organised, and finances are managed. These roles include Club President, Club Secretary, and Club Treasurer.

There are also what is known as “portfolio positions” which can be filled by anyone who has a skill that can contribute to the clubs overall running and ethos. Some portfolio skills include website design, blog writing, IT, event management, photography, sporting, and even BBQing. 🧑🏼‍🍳

It’s almost a win-win situation when you come to think of how your involvement in a club can also give you practical experiences that is relevant to your degree.

For instance, you might have just moved to Armidale and are studying a Bachelor of Media and Communications, and you have a strong interest in the Agricultural Industry. You could, for instance, help run the social media for the Farming Futures Society, where your interest in the land can go hand-in-hand with developing your communications skills.

Or you are a medical student but would like to develop some of your leadership skills. You could join UNEMSA (UNE Medical Student Association) and be part of their event committee where you can help organise their annual events.

Maybe you’d like to take on the role of Club Treasurer for the UNE Law Students Society which would tie in nicely with that double Business/law degree you’re studying!

Let’s not forget that there are many societies at UNE that cater to online students as well, infact, many of the UNEMSA students are online!

The focus of clubs and societies at UNE Life is to create an outstanding extracurricular experience for all students – so why wouldn’t you want to be part of that!

Explore our clubs and societies at UNE Life here.