Ronan sits at a desk in front of a computer wearing the UNE life uniform and a mask

Interview with Ronan Crotty

The UNE Medical Centre and Armajun Health Service Aboriginal Corporation drop-in COVID Clinics have enabled thousands of residents in the New England access to COVID vaccines. We’re spotlighting some of the incredible people who have pivoted from what they usually do to help at these clinics. The team of people that have come together to assist the New England community.

Ronan Crotty is one of the team from Cafe Life, you know the cafe up top when you visit UNE. Usually, he is one of the front of house staff members who serve you lunch, make coffees, for the past few months he has been assisting at the Clinics. We spoke to Ronan about his experience with these events why he thinks the clinics have been important to our remote communities.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? 

My name is Ronan Crotty, I have lived in Armidale since I was a young kid, along with my family. My hobbies include sports, such as rugby union. I currently work with UNE Life in Cafe Life – part of the UNE Life, Functions & Catering team and The ‘Stro.

What was your role during the COVID Clinic events?

My role at the covid clinics was a bit of everything, from data entry, set up and pack down to temperature checks at the front door. At some  of the vaccination clinics, I was even tasked with driving UNE vehicles, one of them is actually the UNE Discovery Voyager truck that usually travels the region educating people, however, was really kindly donated to us for these clinics!

Which locations did you work at?

It was really exciting to be able to help UNE Medical Centre crew at a bunch of places around the region such as Armidale, Moree, Inverell, Glen Innes, and a few other remote communities and businesses.

How have these clinics impacted the region?

These clinics have been really important, some of the remote communities such as Ashford don’t have the facilities or resources to vaccinate their residents in mass – in fact, some of the places only have one doctor for the entire town. So, the drop-in clinics have been an accessible way to increase vaccination numbers for many places – it’s been great meeting with these people as they’ve been super thankful for the efforts we have played.


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Have you got any highlights from these events?

The overnight stays, at places such as Inverell have definitely been a highlight. It’s been great to hang out with everyone who has assisted with these clinics, UNE Medical staff including Doctors and Nurses, other team members from areas across UNE Life, like SportUNE and even volunteers, it has been nice getting to know them so well!

What’s one thing you’re looking forward to once the Australian population reaches 80% double vaccination?

Going on holiday, visiting my family in urban areas, and being able to move around freely. And of course, going out for beers with my mates!

Thank you Ronan for all your hard work travelling around the New England Region assisting with these clinics, our teams have also really enjoyed getting to know you and we really admire your work ethic! Thanks for being a great part of our very agile and compassionate crew! 

Visit the UNE Medical Centre website to view the upcoming dates and locations for the drop in clinics.

See the latest vaccination statistics on our website here.