Black and white image of graduation students holding hands and smiling in their graduation gowns

Interview with UNE Graduation Team

There is a group of people at UNE who are dedicated to making sure your graduation process is as seamless as possible. That group of people are the UNE Graduation Team! They look after students from the moment you are identified as eligible to graduate, right through to becoming Alumni, and beyond!

In the lead up to your graduation, we thought we’d highlight the many things the Grad team look after, and some things for you to consider as you round out your time at UNE.

Can you tell us a little bit about role of the Graduation Team? What are some of the responsibilities you handle?

Our role is to assist students who are nearing course completion onto graduation. We are responsible for all administrative functions associate with graduation, from assisting the Progressions team identify students eligible to graduate all the way through to the production and posting of graduation documents. We also verify student’s course completions for various agencies through our archived graduation records. If you have a question about graduation please let us know via AskUNE, we are more than happy to help.


What tips do you have for students so their graduation process is as seamless as possible?

Check your email and update your mailing address! If you are eligible to graduate you will receive your official invitation to graduate via email. This will give you access to the graduation portal and all the information you need. Also, please ensure that your mailing address is up to date so that we send your graduation documents to the correct place.


What can current students expect when they near the end of their degree?

An email! It is as simple as that. Students just need to keep an eye on their emails, we will let them know if they are eligible to graduate and what they need to do.


Where can a student go for help if they aren’t sure if they have completed all of their coursework requirements and are ready to graduate?

Our Progressions Team monitor students who have 24cps or less to complete their course, so students don’t really need to do a thing.  If students are unsure they can contact us through AskUNE and we can then have the Progressions team run a progression check to let them know where they are up to.


What is a testamur? And why is it so important?

A testamur is the legal certification that will be given to you at the time of graduation. It contains  your name, the course you completed (including majors) the date it was conferred and will be signed by the Vice-Chancellor and Chancellor.  It can be used to demonstrate your qualifications to employers, industry, education institutions, and professional bodies or associations.


How can someone qualify to receive a testamur?

Only students who have fulfilled all the requirements and have completed all the prescribed examinations/assessments for the course will be eligible to receive a testamur.


When do graduating students receive their testamur?

The Graduation team have begun to post out graduation documents to our current graduating cohort. Please allow 6-8 weeks for documents to arrive via parcel post track and sign.


How can graduating students help you by updating their information so you can get their testamur to the right place?

We really want to make sure that your graduation documents arrive to you safely. For this to happen it is essential that you log into your myUNE and check you mailing address within your personal details.


What happens after a student graduate’s? (aka becomes a UNE Alumni)

The world is your oyster! You could take a break and go travelling, well throughout Australia and New Zealand for the time being. You could continue your studies or find a graduate job.  Whatever you decide, you will automatically join over 100 000 graduates, in Australia and around the world, in becoming UNE Alumni.  We will automatically register you as alumni and you will receive regular news, updates and information about what’s happening at UNE and opportunities available to you.


Why should students keep in touch with UNE once they are an Alumni?

As an Alumni of UNE you will be able to stay in touch with fellow graduands no matter where life may take you. Email Alumni through to be included on their mailing list or join UNE’s LinkedIn page to continue to receive news and networking and mentoring opportunities.


What words of encouragement do you have for our current graduating cohort?

We would like to congratulate you all on your marvellous achievements and wish you all the best for your future endeavours whatever they may be. But most of all stay in touch!

Thank you to the UNE Graduation team a making sure every student has a smooth graduation!

If you have questions about your graduation, get in touch with AskUNE via their webpage here.