finding support at UNE and Country Universities Campus's

Where to find the right support as a student

You are never alone at UNE! Even if you are currently studying kilometres away from our main campus, there are Country Universities Centre’s that you can drop into any time for support.

The network of Country Universities Centre’s (CUC’s) spans from Roma in Queensland, down the Bass Coast in Victoria, and the Far West of New South Wales and everywhere in between, supporting all regional, rural, and remote students. You can find a CUC in the following places:

Country Universities Centre's Australian footprint. Where to find UNE support

When you register with a CUC Centre, it is FREE. You then have swipe card access to your local CUC from 7am-midnight, seven days a week.

Your local Centre Manager is available 8:30am – 5pm Monday to Friday to assist you with any issues you are experiencing, or if you just need to have a chat about your studies. The CUC network works with UNE so their staff knows how to help UNE students with any enquiries, or to help you find the right person.

Each Centre has a lot of services for you to take advantage of:

  • They all have fast internet (150mps);
  • Printing, and at a few Centres it is free;
  • A dedicated quiet study room with computers and space to bring personal devices to work on;
  • Tutorial rooms, which can be used for seminars, tutorials, workshops, exams and group work; and
  • Space for collaboration and break out, including kitchens and outdoor spaces.

The CUC has also engaged a passionate and dedicated team of Learning Skills Advisors who are committed to helping you to succeed in your studies.

You can access your LSA at your local CUC for everything from general study questions, essay writing, and referencing, through to explaining feedback on assignments and planning your study.

There isn’t just students from UNE there, but students from universities all across Australia. This means you can connect with a whole lot of different people in your area who are also studying at uni.

We know that it’s tough to balance your life-work-study commitments and on top of this, the ongoing interruptions of the COVID-19 pandemic! Accessing every resources you can is important and will help you succeed!

Where do you sign up?

Check out to find your closest Centre, and go from there.

Other support services for UNE students.

The team at Advocacy and Welfare offers confidential support to students! Contact us here.
Student Success also has confidential counselling for students, you can find them here.
Lifeline is also a 24/7 hotline and you can call them on 13 11 14