Craig Pettifor UNE Life, Student Programs Officer

Meet Craig, your Student Programs Officer

Have you met Craig yet? Craig is our new Student Programs Officer where he assists in all things Clubs & Societies at UNE! Craig moved from the Northern Territory to study a Bachelor of Biomedical Science at UNE in 2011.

“I instantly became obsessed with student life and experience”

He became a student leader, as the President at Wright Village in 2013 as well as joining the UNE Life team. You’ve probably run into him on campus at some stage as he has worked for Life, Functions, and Catering, The Cafe, The ‘Stro, SportUNE, The Belgrave Cinema, and at many internal and external catering events. If you’ve ever been to our Armidale campus, we’re pretty sure you’ve seen him once or twice!

More recently, he has worked alongside James Hudson, our Student Experience Manager, at several different events and activations like Welfare Wednesday, A&W BBQ lunches, the Student Meal Kit Pop Up – just to name a few. They’ve proven to be a good team, engaging students, and helping improve the student experience here on campus and further afield – which has led him to his new role as UNE Life’s Student Programs Officer, working alongside James at UNE Life HQ.

Craig has a passion for all things nerdy, be it tabletop games, video games, or visual media – his interests are super varied, so we’re sure you’ll find something that you have in common with him. Find out more about Craig below!

What do you enjoy about the work you do as Student Programs Officer?

It’s extremely fun and rewarding to engage with students who are passionate about their club or society! Be it assisting them with the setup for their Rugby competitions, gaming nights in The ‘Stro, or promoting and working with our international clubs to promote their cultural events – it’s just great to work with such passionate club executives.

What do you love the most about being part of the UNE community?

Meeting students and staff from a diverse variety of backgrounds is definitely a highlight for me. I am looking forward to Trimester 2 which will hopefully see an increase in the level of students on campus for me to chat to about club stuff!

What do you like to get up to in your free time?

Usually, as soon as I get home it’s hardcore unwind time, I’ll put my PJs on and straight into the latest book, movie, or tv show I’ve been recommended! I also dabble in DnD (Dungeons and Dragons) and other tabletop games. I also spend an irresponsible amount of time reading through the many sourcebooks and campaign modules (there are almost too many).

How can students come to you for support?

You can find me in the UNE Life HQ across from Sleek hairdresser and Advocacy & Welfare. I’m generally at my desk just to the right of the automatic doors, but if I’m not, you can flick me an email or call me and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible! 

Why should students get involved in a club or society when at university?

Because it’s fun! Seriously if you aren’t part of a club or society you should definitely look for one that interests you! If you can’t find one then just create your own, you’ll learn valuable skills about setting budgets, governing a student body, and organising fun events for you and people that share your interests and passions.

Thanks for the chat Craig  – we’re also excited to see more students back on campus! 

Craig is here to help UNE students with anything clubs and socs related -sporting or social. He can assist you with setting up the club or society or helping with the transition to new club members in roles like a president and treasurer, setting up to grant funding applications, event or activation advice, constitution, governance, and general student experience enhancement activation ideas. He is hands-on, and loves to attend club events and meetings, so if you have anything planned shoot him an invite!

You can find Craig in the HQ office – the doors are always open so feel free to drop in at any time, call him on 02 6773 1271 or shoot him an email.