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UNE Guides – the podcast every UNE student needs to be listening to.

What is it like to be a new student at UNE? What on earth do you if you’ve enrolled late? What support is available to you as a student, and what do you do if you start to feel homesick or overwhelmed with the workload?

These are all very good questions something that is explored by Student Support’s team member Connor Ventura via a Tune!FM podcast, as he delves into all thing’s student life along with guests from the student and UNE community.

If you’re new to UNE or are an established online and on-campus student, this podcast with Tune!FM is well worth the listen!

Each week there’s a new episode, and we thought we’d give you a little recap of the first 5, so you can dive in and get to know everything you need to know about UNE!

Preparing for O-Week

Episode 1, Connor is joined by long-time legends of the student experience, Ben Bible and Fiona Murray, as they discuss 2021 O-Week. This episode is filled with quirk, lots of on campus info for anyone joining us in Armidale as well as online support and where to find things!

Homesickness and study/personal balance

Episode 2, Connor speaks with college all-stars TK and Matt, along with Gwen from Student Counselling and Psychological Services (CAPS) Office to discuss the importance of maintaining a healthy study life and personal life balance if you’re on or off campus,  they also discuss how students can manage the feelings of homesickness if you’ve moved away from home to study.

Late enrolment and falling behind

Episode 3, we’ve all been there… forgetting to get your enrolment in on time or deciding which unit to study at the very last minute. This episode, Connor sits down with one of the First Year Advisors at UNE, the lovely Nola Holmes, to discuss what to do when you enroll late to the game.

First Year advice and more tips for new students

Episode 4, this episode’s hot topic discusses how to make the most of your first year at University! Nola Holmes joins Connor once again, along with First-Year Advisor Jennifer Vaughan, to discuss the important milestones a student makes in their first year. We also get an inside perspective of student life by UNE student, Sathvik Gopalakrishna as they mention some tips for current students.

The library and how to use it

Episode 5, At our Armidale campus, the Dixon Library is every student’s favourite study nook! This doesn’t mean your local library cant be your fave study nook though! This episode, Connor chats with librarians Annette Messell and Kylie Cawley to talk about the services and resources the library provides students, and how you can make the best use of them!

Each week a new podcast is live and ready to help you as you start your journey at UNE. Follow them on Spotify here

Connor produces these podcasts at Tune!FM, our student-driven radio station.
The awesome team of volunteers write the scripts, do the announcements, run the shows, choose the music,
and generally keep the place up and running.
If you’d like to talk with Tune about volunteering (from anywhere in the world) contact the team here.