Sally Stanley, UNE Life, Safety & Security

Interview with Sally Stanley

If you’ve ever been to UNE’s Armidale campus you will have probably popped into the UNE Life, Safety & Security office; perhaps to get a parking ticket or to pick up your student or staff card.

What you might not know is that this team works 24/7. They look after a number of services such as building access, parking assistance, wayfinding, lost property, incident reporting, transport services – and this is just naming a few of their responsibilities!

This team are a wealth of knowledge and provide assistance in times of need. They work tirelessly to ensure a safe and pleasant environment for us all here at UNE.

Now the name “Security” can sometimes seem a little daunting – so we wanted to put a few names to the faces of this team that look after us so well. This week we want to introduce you to Sally Stanley one of our Security Administration Officer’s.

How long have you worked for UNE Life?

I worked for the Security department at the University back in 2012-2013 (when the contract was with SNP Security), I was working in a similar role with Administration, but took a little break to have a family.

I kept in touch with a few people that worked here and when they mentioned that a position was being advertised… I applied! I had just had my 3rd child and was really wanting to get back into the workplace and thought this would be the perfect opportunity to get back into the Administration field. I was offered an interview, and it went from there 😊 I returned to the role in July 2019, but with UNE Life Safety and Security.

What do you love about your job?

I love that it is a family orientated company. Being a young mum of 3 kids, it is extremely hard to find a job that you love, and that allows you to work hours that suit your day to day life. I have created strong friendships with some of my colleagues and I love that I continue to learn new things almost every day.

My role in the Office consists of customer service and administrative roles.

These include, but are not limited to;

  • Parking enquiries and issuing permits
  • Creating and issuing ID Cards for students/staff/contractors
  • Monitoring the security system
  • Processing of alarms, and alerting Security to attend if required
  • Applying and removing access to ID Cards
  • Creating schedules for the opening and securing of particular access points across the University – Colleges and Academic Campus, and Study Centres.
  • Liaising with staff and students
  • Travel concessions
  • Lost property
  • General directions
  • SRM enquiries
  • Calendar entries for the Security staff to be aware of or to action. This includes things such as isolation/de-isolation requests, room booking requests, additional patrols etc.

Where can we find a Security officer?

You’ll find us patrolling campus, typically in a bright blue shirt, driving the shuttle bus or at one of their locations –  B089 – in the Bellevue Precinct near the colleges and C018 – in the Academic Precinct, right next door to The Shop. But the best way to contact us is either via the UNE Safe App which can be downloaded onto any smartphone or by calling us on 02 6773 2099.

What does a regular day look like for you?

A regular day for me at work consists of efficiently sorting through, actioning and filing any requests we receive whether this is by email, paper forms, phone requests, SRM’s or walk-ins. We are consistently receiving daily enquiries, and have to ensure we maintain a high level of professionalism, confidentially and efficient, friendly service.

I have a great work colleague in the office with me who has shown me and taught me a lot of things I don’t think I could have learnt by simply reading a manual. This has allowed me to do my job more effectively and has given me a lot more confidence in my position.

What’s your favourite part about your role?

I love feeling like I am a valued member of the workplace.  Working with people that encourage me, really impacts in a positive way –  I enjoy coming in to work each day. My role requires me to communicate with all types of people in lots of different situations. I think it is really important to enjoy the job you work in.

What are your interests outside of work?

If you ask anyone else what I do when I am not at work, I guarantee the answers would consist of drinking multiple cups of tea, shopping, Netflix and hanging out with my 3 little ones.

Sounds like the perfect way to spend your time! Thanks so much for the chat Sally, we’re really glad to have you as one of our team! 

If you’re visiting our Armidale campus we would love you to download the UNE Safe App.
Or if you ever need security assistance on campus call 02 6773 2099 27/4.

We’re always on the hunt for great people to join our team – join our casual employee register today!