Dr Dipanwita Bhowmik, UNE Medical Centre

Interview with Dr Dipanwita Bhowmik, UNE Medical Centre

The UNE Medical Centre is a General Practice accredited by AGPAL. The surgery is owned by The University of New England, managed in collaboration with UNE Life, and operates with independent doctors.  The Centre is available to the entire community and boasts state of the art facilities, offering a wide range of specialised services including advanced skin cancer management, women’s health & fertility services & their friendly staff.

Recently we sat down with  Dr Dipanwita Bhowmik, FRACGP,DCH,MBBS, to learn a little about her journey of becoming a doctor and becoming a vital part of our community. Dr Bhowmik is fairly new to the team at the Medical Centre, and the team is over the moon to have her expertise join the team! 

What inspired you to become a Doctor?

I’ve always thought of being a doctor as a noble profession. Even as a child I wanted to become a doctor. Obviously, my family being great supporters have also added to my inspiration to become a doctor. It was my parent`s dream first then it became my dream too. Of course, it is a difficult journey, but I have to say it was worthwhile going through all the struggles and difficulties to achieve this honour.

I can’t think of  another profession would suit me better than this. I love to see the smile on my patient`s face’s after I’ve been able to help them through a difficult time, I think this would be my biggest achievement.

Where did you study, and can you please share a fond memory about this time?

I achieved my MBBS from Rajshahi University, Bangladesh. After my internship, I worked for about 6 months and then came to Australia, with my spouse who is also a Doctor here, Dr Das, at the Medical Centre. I sat a lot of exams to become registered Doctor in Australia, I remember sometimes I used to sleep with my skeleton beside me and books on top of my chest as we had to go through a huge amount of studies before exams.

Its been a big few years, I have achieved my RACGP fellowship this year. Before that, I got a Diploma in Child Health from Westmead Hospital.

Tell us about what you specialise in?

I specialise in General Practice, Children`s Health, Family Planning Health and I’m incredibly interested in women`s health especially Antenatal Check-Up’s and Mental Health.

I chose General Practice because it has lots of variety, you never know what is waiting next for you. I Like the complexity and diversity a lot, it ranges from young children, adolescents, men, women, the elderly, mental health everything. I enjoy being involved in the primary care of the community where you can find out the problem and can save someone`s life. Also, the continuity of care that gives you the opportunity to build a relationship with your patient and also with their families. I really enjoy this.

What do you love most about being a doctor?

The satisfaction in every patient (including their families) and the trust that you build with them. Im lucky to have worked and learned from many great doctors and GPs during my training year at Armidale, I’ve met many aspirational people.

Tell us about you as a doctor?

I’m very patient, I always try to listen carefully and give my patients as much time as they need to open themselves up. I always try to improve myself with every case and eager to continue with professional development.


What do you enjoy most about being a doctor in a rural area?

I came to Armidale mid-2014 as a junior Doctor at Armidale Rural Referral Hospital, as part of my rural hospital training. I then got RACGP training post around Armidale and Inverell. I really enjoy Country GP life, it is difficult to make a balance in the profession and work but for me, working here means I’m able to maintain a balance, between mother and being a doctor, which is important.

What is your routine on a daily basis?

Nothing too special… I drop off my kids to daycare/school, then I go to work. Work-wise, I am still very new to the UNE Medical Centre. I commenced my work on a part-time basis in April 2020. It’s a great workplace, very welcoming, I already feel part of the wonderful family. I have to say, the teamwork is absolutely beautiful including Receptionists, Nurses, Doctors, and obviously lovely patients.

Other than that, in summer, I really enjoy gardening…And on the weekends I enjoy my family, sometimes catching up with close friends.

What’s one message you would like to share with the community?

Learn about healthy lifestyles and share this with everyone surrounding you.

And finally, what’s your favourite thing about being a part of the New England community?

It is a lovely diverse and multicultural community. It holds many beautiful things that I enjoy and learn from every moment.

Thank you so much for your time, Dr Bhowmik, we’ve loved learning a little about you and your role at the Medical Centre! 

If you’re looking for expert medical services, look no further than the UNE Medical Centre. Here to support UNE staff, students, as well as all residents of Armidale, & the wider community. 

Please note that everyone entering the UNE Medical Practice from Wednesday 5th Aug will be required to wear a face mask. Our staff are wearing masks within 1.5m of patients. This decision is in line with the advice of NSW Health and the RACGP.
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