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Keeping your cool when you are in quarantine

From seeing a whole apartment block of residents in Italy in chorus as they each sing from their separate balconies to American students having classes on facetime, the world is finding different ways to stay connected and ease anxiety during the pandemic curve ball we are all facing. Things may be different in certain parts of the world, but for Australian’s the words, ‘self-isolation’ and ‘quarantine’ have been a topic of discussion the past week. So how can we stay in contact with our friends and family when we might be having to work/study from home? 

First things first. Your own well-being and the people around you are of utmost priority of staying ahead of the curve. If you are feeling unwell it is important you keep yourself away from others, eat nutrient food, keep fluids up, and get plenty of restThe New South Wales Government health website has the most up to date information and FAQ’s on coronavirus (COVID-19), please find it here.

 And remember, if you need to be tested please call your medical centre before so they can prepare with the best measures to protect themselves and those around them.  

Here are some ways to look after yourself and get work done whilst in quarantine:  

Set a routine  

If you’re having to get your study and work done from home it is pretty important to have a routine. Waking up and making your bed or having a shower will have you feeling like you have accomplished something even before you open up your laptop.  

Keep up that hygiene  

Brush those teeth, wash your face, slap on a facemask and get the knots out of your hair, and put some fresh day pj’s on. Boom! Feeling better already? These are the proven steps to feeling less ‘yucky’ – trust us.  

Bed-office is a no go! 

We have all been there… we set up an office in bed, do a bit of ‘typey typey’ and before we know it we are horizontal and the Netflix logo is glaring at us from the screen. Try and keep your study/work environment different from your relaxing zone to avoid this. 

Morning mindfulness and night-time knock off 

Make part of your morning routine a mindful one, why not try a 20-minute yoga sesh on the bedroom floor to kick off the day. Yoga with Adrienne is our favourite go-to when we need a quick reset. Similarly, turn off your computer as you would when class might end or you’d leave the office and have the evenings to yourself.  

It’s okay to not work if you are unwell.  

Enough said. It’s easy to feel guilty for not getting any work done or watching that lecture if your nose is running like a tap and youre sneezing every five minutes. Like we said earlier, your well-being should be your top priority. And if you must get work done, aim to do it in little blocks like an hour or two of answering emails, or watching a lecture and taking notes later.  

Physical health is important, but so too is our mental wellbeing. We are all thankful for the technological ways we can stay in contact with the wider worlds and our friends, but how can we maintain this while ‘self-isolating’? 

Here are some fun and quirky ideas to try: 

  1. Have a Netflix party with friends | Did you know there are programs that allow you to watch Netflix with your friends while you are in separate houses or towns?  Check out this article on which programs work best when having a Netflix party.
  2. Partying with friends via facetime | Seriously though… what is the difference between having a drink at a bar face-to-face and cracking a cold one face-to-screen? 😆 The banter will be the same and the connection is definitely there. These women in Japan have been doing it and we think it’s such a fun idea! 
  3. Set a time each day to call your bestie | Need a studybreak? Why not facetime or phone your bestie/mum/boyfieand have a conversation about your day, or how you are feeling. This is a great way to ease the anxiety you might be feeling whilst alone in your room and all the news blasts that keep rolling in. 
  4. Get gaming (if you aren’t already) | Most of us do enjoy the video game every now and then (or every waking minute of our lives… I’m looking at you, gamer-boy), but now more than ever is the perfect time to stay in contact with your mates in a fun and engaging way. Check out this blog with the best online games to play with friends. 
  5. Get creativeJust because you aren’t in the same room as your friend, doesn’t mean you can’t have a coffee, art session or listen to music together. We live in a world that connects us simultaneously with our close ones via our phones and laptops – and this is the perfect opportunity to put that to the test!  

Look after yourselves, wash your hands (remember 30-seconds with warm water) and remain calm. We are all in this together! 

You can keep up to date on the latest Australian Government alerts here, and UNE’s latest Coronavirus information here.  

 And, do remember that if you are feeling concerned and are seeking more information about #COVID-19 there is a hotline in Australia that operates 24/7.  Contact them on 1800 020 080