Tahlia Goldsmith, UNE Rugby Lion in action


Tahlia Goldsmith is one of our incredible UNE Rugby Lions. We are so excited to have this passionate young lady representing UNE nationwide on a Aon Uni 7s Journey!  

We are excited to see Tah (Tahlia) return to the UNE Lions for another crack at the Aons Uni 7s title. She is an elusive player that can create something from nothing. As last year’s UNE Lions captain, she is respected by her peers and plays a vital role in developing the younger players of the team. Tom Bower, Program Manager.

We caught up with the talented Tahlia to ask her to share a little about her journey and inspiration! 

You ooze passion, especially when it comes to Rugby – how did you first get involved? 

A few of my mates were playing. A few said “you’re fast, come play rugby” so I took up the invite and went along to training… I haven’t ever looked back.

Which position do you play?

I started on the wing, like everyone I think, now I play Scrum-half.

What are you most excited about being a Lion?

It’s a new year, which means new faces! I’m really keen to see how we can gel together and see where we go.

What is the best part about competing for UNE Lions?

I’ve been part of this team for a while now, it’s such a supportive and fun environment to be a part of. I love it.

Tahlia Goldsmith AON WomenUniversity Sevens

What does training look like for you?
Training is really important to me, I train 5 days a week.

Training includes;
3 x heavy-lift session
3 x conditioning/speed sessions
3 x  field session.

That’s a lot of training, where do you find your drive?

Ha, I guess. I’m highly self-motivated, I always want to do the best job for my team. Every time I take to the field and I’m my own worst critic if I feel I haven’t performed well, I feel bad for my team. They work really hard, so I reflect that.

Sounds like a great bunch of girls, how do your teammates make practice fun?

Our team has a lot of good banter. I think you need to find the right balance between having a laugh and getting the job done. We do this well.

If you were to give any advice to a young girl who would like to play Rugby, what would you say?

Give it a go! You have nothing to lose, and if you’re dediceted you’ll get the chance to travel the world and make friendships that last a lifetime.

Good health and wellbeing has a great importance to your team, what does it mean to you?

Being healthy and active is a huge part of my life, I’m not the type of person that can sit on the lounge and watch Netflix all day. I’m always off walking my dogs or at the beach with my partner & friends. It sets a good mid-set and makes for a happier, healthy life.

What are the top three reasons you like being part of a team sport?

  • The team atmosphere
  • The Friendship
  • The support you get is like nothing else

Quick Facts about Tahlia

  • My birthday is 15 March 1990
  • My hero is my Pop
  • I’m happiest when I’m enjoying what I’m doing
  • Keeping active keeps motivation high!
  • Chocolate is my guilty pleasure

Thank you so much for your time Tahlia, we’re super proud to have you as one of our team!

If you’d like to follow Tahlia on her journey you can keep up to date with events and updates on the UNE Lions page
or follow her on

Instagram: @tahh
Facebook: Tahlia Goldsmith

And a big shout out goes to the team at SportUNE who keep the Lions team kicking on!