Clubs and Societies… do you know what they do?

Have you always wanted to be a part of a Pokémon Go club or Harry Potter Society? What about a Movie Appreciation Society or Land care Club? Maybe Psychology, Business, Romantic Languages or Hip Hop are more your thing? Perhaps you are a devoted League of Legends or D&D player? If the answer to any of these is YES, that’s me, then why not consider getting a group together at UNE and forming an official UNE Club?

UNE Life currently supports 30 affiliated clubs or societies ranging from academically driven clubs to social justice clubs, religion-focused clubs or even our fantastic hobby-based clubs.  We are extremely keen to see more clubs up and running and as such are looking to empower and resource students like yourself to start new clubs in areas that you are passionate about.

We have easy access club grants to help you get entertaining activities going on campus. We can provide your club with money for some tasty pizza 🍕at your weekly gatherings, funding for imaginatively themed and decorated Balls, dollars to send your group on a team building Camp or help you run BBQs or Social Justice Campaigns.  The sky really is the limit to the activities you could pursue.  We also have dedicated and enthusiastic staff ready to help you get started and to support you in all things to do with running your club.  We aim to make running a club as easy as possible so as not to take too much time away from your busy work/study schedule.

We see the value Clubs and Societies bring to the campus culture of UNE every day and we want more. More student devised and driven events, more opportunities for students to connect with each other across disciplines, more fairy lights, more formal dresses, and absolutely more fun.

A UNE Life affiliated club provides you with a great conduit to make friends at University. They are a great way to add some excitement to your time on campus.  But the benefits of being in a formalized club don’t stop at socialising opportunities.  By taking on an executive role in a social club you will gain valuable experience and work-ready skills in areas such as in teamwork, networking, event organising, social media, leadership, and risk assessment.  You will have real-life examples of your abilities to talk to prospective employers about and the confidence that you can handle any situation.

Starting a club at UNE is very easy.  Initially, you just need three eager students to take on the roles of President, Secretary, and Treasurer.  Once you have these keen individuals, come and see James Hudson, our Clubs and Student Experience Officer at UNE Life Student Headquarters in the old Union arcade.  He will help you register your club, set up a bank account, fill in a made to measure club constitution, get a webpage for membership as well as give you some handy tips to get your club established and thriving with excited members.

So get yourself amongst the benefits and rewards of extra-curricular life today with UNE Life Clubs and Societies. And create Life at UNE.