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Student Discount Guide

Being a student is hard and money is scarce, so you need to get the best value for your money. Our pals at Advocacy & Welfare have compiled some great ways to get bargains. Have a gander!


  1. ISIC Card

ISIC stands for International Student Identification Card. Buy an ISIC Card from Advocacy and Welfare for only $30 and get heaps of discounts! It is a global student ID card, so you can get benefits no matter where in the world you travel. The card is accessed through the app so you always have it with you. Or for an extra $8.50 you can get a physical card.


Discounts include 5% off eGift Cards for Coles and Woolworths, reduced train fares, cheaper cinema tickets and discounts on accommodation. Visit the team at Advocacy & Welfare to enjoy them!


  1. UNiDAYS

UNiDAYS is free and has discounts codes for so many online stores. Discount percentages are changed, and new shops are added all the time. There is also an app! You’ll get discounts like up to 10% off Apple, 10% off Contiki, 33% off Dominos (perfect for Friday night dinners), and 10% off The Iconic.

Discount the day away here.


  1. Microsoft Office 360

Microsoft office is an expensive product, but it is necessary for studying. Luckily UNE offers it free to all students!! You can download it free on up to 5 devices including Mac, Windows, iPad and Android.

Head here to take advantage.


  1. Textbooks

Textbooks are incredibly expensive and you need at least one per unit. That adds up very quickly. Thankfully, there are a few ways to save some money, and even get money back on those textbooks you don’t need anymore.

  • UNE Life Bookshop – (Located in The Shop) the bookshop allows you to sell and buy secondhand books through them. They do take 34% of your price as commission though
  • StudentVIP – this website allows you to list and buy secondhand textbooks. There is also the option for you to buy or sell notes and find or become a tutor. It is free but is based on trust, so take precautions. We recommend using PayPal for purchases. It is often easier to claim back money if a book is never sent. Also, ask or provide the tracking number once you’ve sent the book
  • Textbooks at UNE – this is a Facebook group that allows students to buy and sell textbooks. Again, it is based on trust, so take precautions


  1. Birthday Discounts

This one isn’t specific to students but is still helpful. Most places like Boost, Gloria Jeans, Subway, etc. will often offer a discount or something free for your birthday. So make sure you sign up with those loyalty programs and reap the rewards.

Check out all the places here.


  1. Spotify

Spotify offers 50% off Spotify Premium for students! That means for just $5.99 a month, you can enjoy ad-free music and unlimited skips.

Get groovin’ now.


Happy Saving!


There is no denying that university is expensive. So we hope that by taking advantage of these discounts, your money can be stretched a little further! Plus, they’re just another perk to being a student. Also, remember to carry your Student ID Card around some shops offer a discount if you can show it, and always browse for a discount code before making a purchase.


Thanks to our friends at Advocacy & Welfare for this awesome blog!