three men at FISU world games 2021

From Armidale to Chengdu: the 31st FISU World University Games 

UNE Life’s Chief Executive Officer and President of FISU Oceania, Dave Schmude, recently attended the summer FISU World University Games in Chengdu, China.  

The games are held every two years and represent the largest global sports events for student-athletes, aged 17-25. With an expansive sports program encompassing 15 summer sports and 10 winter sports, the FISU World University Games hold significant importance as a pivotal opportunity for athletes aspiring to participate in other elite international and continental sporting events.  

Following a two-year postponement due to COVID-19 restrictions, Chengdu 2021 saw some 6,500 students from 113 nations attend the games, including an impressive 98 student-athletes from Australia.  

We spoke to FISU Oceania President Dave Schmude about his experience in Chengdu, the importance of the games for student-athletes, and the value of intercultural collaboration and dialogue.  

“The FISU World University Games shine as a gateway of opportunity for student-athletes in Oceania, fostering not only exceptional competition among the world’s finest student-athletes but also serving as a platform for profound intercultural exchange. This global stage not only showcases athletic prowess but also nurtures the growth of camaraderie and understanding, exemplifying the true spirit of sportsmanship on an international scale.” 

Not only did Chengdu 2021 bring together the best student-athletes in the world, but also the best minds in sports education and research at the FISU World Conference. 

The FISU World Conference coincides with each World Games, and at Chengdu 2021, it centred on the main theme of “University Sports: Embracing a Colorful World”.  

The FISU World Conference holds great significance within the realm of university sports, as it fosters expert discussions and advancements, its impact extending even beyond the realm of elite sports, to encompass the promotion of healthy lifestyles on a broader scale. 

After the successful culmination of Chengdu 2021, Schmude eagerly anticipates weaving the invaluable insights harvested from this journey into his dual roles as FISU Oceania President and as an integral part of campus life at UNE.  

He affirms, “I’m enthusiastic about channelling newfound knowledge back into the Oceania region and UNE, stay tuned for remarkable developments ahead.”