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Interview with Shafi Md Mostofa, Bangladeshi Student Association at UNE

The Bangladeshi Student Association at UNE (BSAUNE) is a new club that was founded in 2019. As UNE is the home away from home to man Bangladeshi scholars, the club has been a wonderful way for members to connect and celebrate their culture!

We spoke with BSAUNE President and PhD. student, Shafi Md Mostofa on how the club has been going since restrictions came into place, and how he has been surviving iso!

How has BSAUNE been able to stay in contact over the restrictions on on-campus activities?

As president of BSAUNE, I tried to keep our members connected by sending small gifts – food, drink and children’s toys to those with families as well as keeping in contact with them through the internet.

What are some of your top tips in staying connected as a club during this time?

Technology has been wonderful in helping to keep our members connected and asking if they need any assistance – communication has been very important for us.

What’s the best thing about being involved in BSAUNE?

Definitely, the feeling of belongingness and connectedness!!

Can you please describe your home study space

My study room is in a perfectly good spot overlooking the North Hill area in Armidale. From the window of my study room, I can see the movement of people and the city.

Have you been involved in any iso-projects?

We had an great online Iftar party to celebrate the breaking of fasting last month, each Saturday for our Ramadan celebrations the teams from UNE International, UNE Life and the IMSA Club delivered food to many people in our community! It was lovely, usually, we gather together as a community but the current situation meant we couldn’t.

Alexander Cook - UNE International, Rami Bahnas - IMSA And Ben Bible - UNE Life

Alexander Cook – UNE International, Rami Bahnas – IMSA And Ben Bible – UNE Life

What do you look most forward to when restrictions are eased?

As I am also a member of the Badminton Club at UNE, I am very excited to get back into playing games again, and of course seeing all of the BSAUNE club members in person!

What have you enjoyed about staying at home?

I have a 20-month-old son at the moment, and I have been enjoying passing the time with him.

Are there any events coming up with your club?

We hope to go on a picnic to Port Macquarie soon and hope we can participate in the Badminton competition with Coffs Harbour and Tamworth.


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