Winter 2019

a time to check in on your study load

…oh and eat food, win prizes, frolic in snow, watch movies, play games, etc.



All your winter classics are present and accounted for.

  • Jacket potatoes with sour cream and cheese
  • Savoury mince rolls
  • Thai pumpkin soup w/ bread rolls and butter
  • Warm apple crumble w/ custard
  • Hot chocolate & hot beverages

Each served up at a different station & courtesy of Life Functions & Catering.


Winter Warriors.

For a chance to win a brand-spanking new $500 winter wardrobe, you and three friends can enter “Winter Warriors”, an inflatable obstacle course situated on-site at Winter.

All you need to do is register your teams’ details before 5pm Monday July 22, and we’ll contact you the day of the event to confirm your run-time, and your opposing team.

If your team makes the best time getting through our mega obstacle course, each member will receive a $500 voucher to spend at on whatever takes your fancy.

All team members must be UNE students. Register below.



Lots of it.

Our snow is shipped in by the truck-load to create a mini ski-field for you and your friends to enjoy and freeze your buns off.

Not satisfied with it just laying on the ground, snow machines will also be delivering lovely, soft (albeit not-so-authentic) snow from the sky.



Our movie tent is a place to stay warm and dry off. Screenings from 6.10pm.

6.10pm: Cool Runnings (runtime 1hr38mins)

8pm: Everest (2hrs)



The UNE Gaming Society are on-site and amped up to give you a taste of the classics, the recent and their impressive tech capacity including a step into virtual reality.

Located opposite the movie tent.


Send a postcard home.

or to anyone that needs a bit of love!

UNE Life Advocacy & Welfare will be giving out a stack of postcards on the night and give you a place to write a message to a friend or family member, just checking in.

Pop it in the big red mailbox in the middle of Winter, and our elves will send it on for free, anywhere in the world.



to register, simply complete the form below