SFK Arts Competition

What is the SFK?

The SFK program offers all residents a chance to pursue their interests and express their talents, each event is enjoyable for everyone – performers and viewers alike.

The Sir Frank Kitto Trophy is an intercollegiate competition that comprises of various cultural events held throughout the year.


SFK stands for Sir Frank Kitto.  Kitto was a Justice for the High Court of Australia from 1950 – 1970, the UNE’s Chancellor from 1970 – 1981, & the inaugural Chairman of the Australia Press Council from 1976 – 1982.

Kitto fought in many arts based cases including the Dobell case in 1942, where Mary Edwards and Joseph Walinski contested the 1943 Archibald prize winner William Dobell for his depiction of Joshua Smith.   This case was built on the statement that this work was a caricature rather than a “portrait” due to the use of distortion.  It was a tight tussle between some excellent lawyers, but in the end Kitto came out victorious.

Years later in 1975, Kitto’s son-in-law, Kevin Connor would win the Archibald prize for his depiction of Sir Frank Kitto.

Kitto passed away in Armidale in 1994, and since 1989 the Sir Frank Kitto intercollegiate arts competition has been a cultural staple of the University of New England.


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