Special Consideration, stressed student sitting at a desk

Special Consideration, Everything you Need to Know

Have you got that major assessment due, or an exam tomorrow and now everything is going wrong? You can still submit the assessment or attend the exam, but you know it wasn’t your best work. Special consideration may be able to help!

So…What is Special Consideration?

You can apply for special consideration when unforeseen or unavoidable circumstances have negatively affected your performance.

If your application is accepted, special consideration may be applied. You can receive a maximum of 3% added to your final grade for the unit.

The university must receive your application within 5 working days after your last exam. Late applications will not be accepted.

Circumstances which will be considered

  • Medical or Health-Related Circumstances
  • Employment or Work-Related Circumstances. Such as:
    • Your employer increases your hours and you are unable to object
  • Family or Personal Circumstances. Such as:
    • Unforeseen tragedy (such as death) within your close or immediate family
    • Unforeseen impact from in a natural disaster or another major incident
    • Unforeseen familial health condition
  • COVID Related Circumstances provide options for students who can show that their performance has been impacted as a result of COVID.

Tip: special consideration is based on circumstances that were beyond your control. This means, choosing to increase your work hours or undertaking additional employment will not be counted.

How to apply for special consideration

To apply for special consideration, you need to;

  1. Complete this form.
  2. Write a personal statement. This should include an explanation of your circumstances and they affected your performance.
  3. Provide supporting documentation. Supporting documentation can include a medical certificate, a supporting letter from your employer, a letter from your solicitor or a statutory declaration.

Tip: your application WILL NOT be considered if you do not provide any supporting evidence!

The most common way to submit your application is through AskUNE. However, you can also fax, mail or submit a copy to the Student Central Counter. All details are on the form.

Other Important Things to Know

  • Submitting your application does not guarantee that you‘ll be successful.
  • Attach as much relevant supporting documentation as possible
  • Explain your circumstances in as much detail as you feel comfortable with. There should be some background, but focus on how it has affected your performance
  • Read the form carefully! It outlines what will not be a sufficient reason for special consideration. It also outlines what your medical certificates must include
  • If you are feeling stressed, use your support networks. Friends and family are great to lean on. UNE also has free counselling or our website has links to many online mental health services.

How Advocacy & Welfare Can Help

Special Consideration is just one of the many applications that we help students. Our door is always open to discuss any part of the process that you do not understand. We can also read over your personal statements before you submit your application. Or give you guidance on what supporting documentation you may need.

Our team at Advocacy and Welfare offers confidential support to students! You can contact us here.
The UNE Student Success Wellbeing Centre also has confidential counseling for students, you can find them here.
Lifeline is also a 24/7 hotline and you can call them on 13 11 14