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Assessment Extensions Explained

Assessments can make up a large part of your final mark, which is why you need to try your best and submit on time! What happens though, if you’re not able to submit your assessment on time? To avoid losing marks for every day it’s late, consider applying for an extension.

Why Might You Apply? 

If you are unable to complete your assessment due to circumstances that were beyond your control and have impacted you negatively. This can include:

  • Medical or Health Related Circumstances
  • Family or Personal Circumstances
  • Employment or Work-Related Circumstances
  • Other Extenuating circumstances.

For a detailed explanation of what may constitute special circumstances, please click here.

How Do You Apply?

This will depend on your degree. For all Schools except the School of Science and Technology and the School of Law, you need to apply through your unit coordinator.

Law School students should head here, and School of Science and Technology should head here for extensions.

If you are not sure what School you fall under, your extension process should be within your Study Guide, otherwise, just ask your unit coordinator, they’re here to help!

You need to apply for an extension before the due date, otherwise, your extension may be rejected!

What Do You Need to Include?

When applying for an extension you will need to include:

  • When you expect to submit the assessment
  • The reason why you are requesting an extension
  • Supporting documentation (e.g. medical certificates). This differs for each School, some schools will allow shorter extensions without documentation. If in doubt, check with your unit coordinator.

Things To Remember

If you do not apply for an extension before the due date, your extension may be rejected.

Some Schools, such as the School of Law have strict rules about not granting extensions once grades have been released. This makes it even more important to apply for an extension ASAP!

If you need an extension for longer than 2 or 3 weeks (7 days in the School of Law) you should look at a Special Extension of Time.

We know everything can get overwhelming from time to time, our team is here to help students, to offer independent advice, and point you in the right direction.

If you need advice or help with things such as a Special Extension of Time, please get in touch!