Tax Help

Tax Assistance for UNE Students.

We are a registered Tax Help centre. Our team can help you complete and submit your tax return. Please reach out to us to make an appointment.
Things to know;
  • Appointments are Face to Face at our Armidale Campus with a Tax Help Volunteer

You are eligible for Tax Help if your income is $60,000 or less for the income year and you didn’t:

  • Work as a contractor (for example, a contract cleaner or taxi driver)
  • Run a business, including as a sole trader
  • Have partnership or trust matters
  • Sell shares or an investment property
  • Own a rental property
  • Have capital gains tax (CGT)
  • Receive royalties
  • Receive distributions from a trust, other than a managed fund
  • Receive foreign income, other than a foreign pension or annuity.

Speak with the A&W team

International Students Tax Return in Australia.

Tax for international students is a little different.

If you fit the above criteria you’re eligible for assistance. If you’re struggling please contact us and we can point you in the right direction.

The team from Insider Guides has outlined the process for international students here.