Financial Help

Financial Help.

Sometimes juggling life expenses can be hard, especially when unplanned expenses pop up.

UNE offers support to students that are facing financial hardships. The best place to find information about domestic and international student loans is here.

We would also advise that you understand your personal finances… The below links are filled with information that might help you!

If you’re struggling with your budgeting or really just don’t know where to start you can talk to our team of independent Advocates.

Centrelink Applications and Issues

As a student, you may be receiving or need to receive Centrelink payments. Sometimes organising this can seem a little overwhelming…

  • Do you need help sorting your Centrelink payments?
  • Perhaps you have inadvertently found yourself with a Social Security Debt and need to know what’s next?
  • Need help with correctly declaring your earnings to Centrelink?

If one or more of the above sound like you, our Welfare Officer’s can help you negotiate your way through the Centrelink red tape to make sure you are getting the payments you are entitled to.


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Emergency Grants

The UNE Life Student Emergency Fund is available for students experiencing short term unexpected and emergency hardship that is having a deleterious effect on their study. The fund maximum is usually $1000 per qualifying student per year.

To receive this fund you will need to provide:

  • Proof of your situation
  • Proof of your income
  • Proof of how you would use any received funds to help your successful continuation of study at UNE

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