Dr Kerry Hudson (Chair)

Dr Kerry Hudson (Chair)

PhD, MBA, MEd, Dip Des Stud, Dip Ed, BA, FAMI AFAIM

Dr Hudson has over 40 years’ experience as a senior manager, marketing professional and consultant in the corporate, government and education sectors.  Among the senior executive positions she has held are International Marketing Manager for the CCH Group of Companies; Marketing Director of Computer Law Services; Chief Executive Officer of UNSW Global, and Dean and CEO of UWS College. She has also held several Board directorships both within Australia and the Asia Pacific region.

Within the education sector she has been a senior executive with the former NSW Ministry of Education; Business Director at the College of Law during its conversion from a University entity to a private education provider; and Deputy Director of Public Affairs at the University of New South Wales. Kerry has also taught and undertaken consultancy work in the areas of marketing, market research, consumer behaviour, organisational development, governance, quality assurance and strategic planning. She is an accredited mediator, quality assurer, and Myers Briggs Administrator, and her other professional qualifications include a Certificate in Training and Assessment (TAE)

Her various roles have enabled Kerry to gain extensive professional experience and networks in the Asia Pacific region. Those countries in which she has been primarily engaged include Hong Kong and the broader PRC, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Kenya, the Maldives and Vietnam.

Kerry is a director and consultant, and currently manages a consulting business specialising in strategy and business development, governance and quality assurance; particularly in an international environment.