David Schmude

David Schmude

Master of International Sports Management (Southern Cross University)

David has been involved with sport at UNE for the last 16 years. This experience and knowledge has led to his current role of the Director of UNE Life.

During his time with UNE, David has overseen and implemented SportUNE membership campaigns, identified ongoing business opportunities and developed operational plans for the Indoor Sports Centre (ISC) and UNE playing fields.

In the 4 years David was CEO of SportUNE and the Director of the UNE Sports Business Development Unit, he led all development and business related opportunities associated with sport at the University.  Some key events which occurred during this time included: NSW Veterans Women’s State Titles 2010 and 2013, NSW Academy Games 2008-2010, Northern University Games 2011, and a National Rugby League Trial Match in 2013.

Since becoming the Director of UNE Life in December 2013, David has liaised with students, staff and the wider community to develop a positive on-campus experience for all stakeholders. The UNE Life portfolio, which David currently manages including SportUNE, Belgrave Cinema, Booloominbah Collection, Yarm Gwanga Childcare Centre, Food & Beverage, UNE Medical Centre, TUNEFM/TV, Uni4ME, The Stro, Alcohol Event Administration, Life Catering & Functions.

Prior to joining UNE, David was a professional rugby player and a Journalist for Radio Telefis Eireann Ireland. He has extensive experience in management and business development.