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Contacts you'll find handy.

UNE Life Staff. | Our Brands

Ben Bible | General Manager (Operations)

Emmaline Gallagher | UNE Life Functions & Catering Team

Sam Webster | UNE Life Safety & Security Manager

Other handy UNE Staff to know.

Alexandra Cook |Events and Community Engagement Officer at UNE International

UNE Scheduling Team 

Julia Perryman | Career Counselling Co-ordinator

Lisa Burr | Executive Assistant Vice Chancellor’s Unit

Mirela Suciu | Manager, Accessibility & Wellbeing

Lisa Rice | Manager, Student Scholarships

Businesses to know in Armidale.

Armidale Bowls Club

Armidale ExServies

Rydges Armidale

The Royal Hotel

  • Website: here
  • Phone: 02 6772 1444

Armidale Regional Council Function Rooms.

Armidale Town Hall

Community Halls- Puddleduck Hall, Dangarsleigh Hall, Hillgrove Hall

Armidale Golf Club

Saumarez Homestead

Armidale Showground

Treasurer Tips.

Follow this advice and you will have an easy year and successfully pass your club Audit.

1.  Income -Collecting Club money.

Manage your club’s income with style, grace and integrity- It’s not your money

2. Write receipts out for all monies received.

    • Except deposits sent directly to your Bank account.

3. Deposit all cash collected directly into the club bank account the day you receive it.

    • Do not use unbanked money to pay for things

4. Record your income in your excel sheet.

5. Expenses -Spending Club money.

Only spend club money if it is approved by your executive

6. Make all payments by Bank Transfer.

7. Get a receipt for every spend

8. Stick your receipts in a scrapbook or upload them to your excel spreadsheet.

9. Record your spending in your excel sheet

close up of excel spread sheet

Clubs and Societies Grants 2022 are open.

When and how.

There will be Two Grant rounds in 2022.

Grant One – Trimester 1 Events

  1. For Events held prior to July
  2. Application forms in by March 6th

Grant Two – Trimester 2 Events

  1. For Events held from July to December
  2. Application forms in by July 3rd

What type of events are we looking to fund?

  • Events that create Campus culture and a Vibe on Campus.
    • College and Club events on Campus
  • Events that add to your executive or members professional development
    • GAMSAT Sessions, Writing Workshops, Social Media Training, Leadership Training, Peer Mentoring Strategies
  • Events that enhance your member’s career prospects
    • Career Nights, Employer visits
  • We will be looking to fund events with the greatest benefit to the most students.
  • Events that cater to the Online cohort
    • Hold events in areas of enrolment (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane)
    • Events during Residential Schools
    • Will put aside at least a $20,000 pool for these events
  • SAFF is student money and should be spent on students
    • A focus to limit recycling SSAF to Charities.
    • Charity is very important! As we grow campus culture and student capacity better opportunities and fundraising options will appear
    • We want to build student capacity so providing volunteering opportunities or creating serious fundraising activities is definitely supported
  • Community Connection
    • Clubs facilitating Volunteering opportunities
    • Fundraising and Social Justice prospects
  • We are particularly keen to see clubs doing regular weekly events on Campus
    • g. Games society night

Commonwealth SSAF guidelines stipulate that revenue from the Student Services and Amenities Fee may only be spent on certain types of services or activities. These allowable expenditure items fall into the following 19 categories:

Please note: Bold Categories are the most appropriate to UNE Life Club Event Funding

  1. a) Providing food or drink to students on a campus of the higher education provider;
  2. b) Supporting a sporting or other recreational activity by students;
  3. c) Supporting the administration of a club most of whose members are students;
  4. d) Caring for children of students;
  5. e) Providing legal services to students;
  6. f) Promoting the health or welfare of students;
  7. g) Helping students secure accommodation;
  8. h) Helping students obtain employment or advice on careers;
  9. i) Helping students with their financial affairs;
  10. j) Helping students obtain insurance against personal accidents;
  11. k) Supporting debating by students;
  12. l) Providing libraries and reading rooms (other than those provided for academic purposes) for students;
  13. m) Supporting an artistic activity by students;
  14. n) Supporting the production and dissemination to students of media whose content is provided by students;
  15. o) Helping students develop skills for study, by means other than undertaking courses of study in which they are enrolled;
  16. p) Advising on matters arising under the higher education provider’s rules (however described);
  17. q) Advocating students’ interests in matters arising under the higher education provider’s rules (however described);
  18. r) Giving students information to help them in their orientation; and
  19. s) Helping meet the specific needs of overseas students relating to their welfare, accommodation and employment.

Clubs are for online and on-campus students!

Did you your club can be run completely online?

Clubs System and Forms.

  • Allows you as Club Execs to create, add and edit information about your club
  • Link to your club’s external website, plus Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  • Detailed member management, split into pending, current and retired memberships, as well as membership groups with infinite granularity and individual expiry dates (e.g. “2021 membership”, “2022 Membership, “Camp Trip Group”, etc.)
  • Assign purchase requirements to club groups (e.g. the user must purchase a membership or product before they can join a group)
  • User self-management to take the work away from you as Club Execs, including contact details and membership requests
  • Detailed communications with your members via the UniOne system (or simple membership email export for emailing through your preferred client)
  • Notifications of new membership requests to yourselves as Club Execs
  • Generate real-time reports on membership levels, event attendance
  • The ability to create conditional logic forms for collecting info – with a flexible range of question types, including multiple choice, agreement scales and full text answers and file uploads and mandatory and optional questions
  • No chance of reporting incorrect membership details because it’s all handled for you.

Online Store & Payments.

  • An online store enabling you to sell merchandise, memberships and tickets
  • Detailed item display and editing, including product images and automatic item expiry (e.g. for event tickets)
  • End-to-end transaction tracking and recording, including order entry, payment (and shipping if applicable)
  • Export product customers to a spreadsheet so that you can work outside the system
  • Restrict the sale of items based on club memberships and/or purchase history (e.g. a user may only purchase Product A if they have purchased Product B, such as exclusive club member deals)
  • Include style options such as size, colour, type or any other criteria you choose AND
  • Full inventory management (you have club hoodies for sale and have 50 Large, 40 Medium, and 30 Small – the system will track inventory for you so you don’t over or undersell)
  • Automatic ticket generator for printing and attendance and barcode scanning capability (for large events)
  • Detailed item and customer histories
  • Communicate with customers of a particular product via email directly from UniOne
  • It’s completely free and UNE Life will transfer your money in full, after the end of each month.

Getting started is very simple, and there are explanatory notes and instructional videos available online 24/7.

Booking Rooms & Facilities.

Club Rooms

Although UNE Life provides 2 rooms for use by our Affiliated Clubs and Societies, they are currently housing the amazing team from TuneFM as their building undergoes repairs from storm damage.

We’ll let you know the minute they’re back online!

UNE Lecture Rooms

Clubs are able to book University rooms for their events free of charge.

Rooms can be booked online using your student login credentials.


Book here

Sporting Facilities at UNE

SportUNE operates 15 hectares of playing fields, which incorporates:

  •  Bellevue Oval and Grandstand
  • 4 Rugby Union/League Fields
  • 5 Soccer Fields
  • Bellevue Cricket Grounds
  • Consett Davis Playing fields and amenities block
  • 2 Plexipave Netball Courts
  • 1 AFL Ground
  • Brian Seppelt Playing Field (touch football and softball)
  • BBQ and Picnic Facilities
  • 1 Sand and 1 Wet-dressed synthetic hockey fields, administered and managed by Hockey New England.

As SportUNE is an internal business to UNE Life you can choose to use your club grants allocation for these facilities under option 3.

Email Craig to book

SportUNE Club Facility Prices

Racket hiresquash only$5
Badminton Court
Squash Court
Tennis Court1hr$7.50

Table Tennis1hr$6.00
Hoopsper person, 1hr$5.00
Campbell Hall

1/2 court, 1hr$29.00
Campbell Hall
full court, 1hr$56.00
Campbell Hall
day booking$214.00
Outdoor Netball
New Hall
1/2 court, 1hr$26.00
New Hall
full court, 1hr$36.00
New Hall day booking$437.00
Climbing Wall

day booking$115.00
Wall Entry Mon & Tues Nights$8 Non member
$6 SportUNE member
Club Room1hr(1 FREE meeting per club/per year)
Worsell Room1hr$27.50
Board Room1hr$17.50
Studio 1 or 21hr$32.50
Consett Davis Field1hr$27.50
Consett Davis Field Night 1hr$32.50
Consett Davis Field
day booking$166
Consett Davis Cricket
Consett Davis Cricket1/2 day booking$80.00
Consett Davis Cricketday booking$160.00
Bellevue AFL
Bellevue AFL
day booking$140.00
Bellevue Cricket full day
Bellevue Field & Grandstand
day booking$225.00
Bellevue Field & Grandstandday booking$770.00

Social Media Tips.

We want to help you connect with the right people at the right time, using “social media, best practice”.

These tips will give you a new sense of confidence and a little plan to activate your new learnings which will enhance your content creation reach and engagement!

TIP: Email us, a week or two in advance with your set up events and he will assist further reach with the UNE Life’s Social media teams.


Learn the skills

Club Photographers.

We have set up a stable of Student Photographers! Yas!

The idea is that UNE life will provide clubs with Free photographers at all major events – which is great for all of us!

  • Photos will be posted in Albums on the UNE Life Clubs and Societies Facebook Page
  • Album will also be given to the club
  • These photos/albums will drive traffic to the club’s pages and also create a sense of happening on Campus.
  • UNE staff and SAFF committee will be able to see the results of funding.
  • Photographers will be available for up to 3 hours per event.
  • To book a photographer please contact us – be sure to include dates, venue and any other information about your event!

Email us