Food Pantry


For everything, you need to know about the Food Pantry, see our answers to these Frequently Asked Questions.

What is the Food Pantry and why does it exist?

The UNE Student Food Pantry is a source of free food and hygiene basics, available to all UNE students. It is located in the Advocacy & Welfare office at the UNE Armidale campus.

It is wholly funded by the Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF). The aim of the Food Pantry is to ensure the welfare of UNE students at times when their financial circumstances might see them going without one of life’s basic necessities.

Am I eligible?

If you are:

  • A current UNE student enrolled in at least 1 unit of study; or
  • You have previously studied at least 1 unit of study within the last 12 months AND you are still currently admitted to a UNE course you have not completed yet,

YES, you are eligible!

What do I need to prove?

All you need to provide is your current UNE Student ID card or Confirmation of Enrolment.

That’s all!

How often can I use the Food Pantry?

The Food Pantry can be accessed twice (2) per calendar month with no questions asked.

If you require more assistance (in the form of a 3rd visit in a particular month), you will be required to discuss your circumstances with an Advocate.

When is the Food Pantry open?

The Food Pantry is open every Tuesday between 11:00 am to 4:00 pm, and every Thursday between 11:00 to 4:00 pm.

Appointments are essential during this time, please contact us at to make an appointment time.

What if I can’t come during the advertised opening time?

Please get in touch with us!

If you have pre-existing commitments during the Food Pantry opening time, we can organise an appointment for you to use the Food Pantry. The appointment will be made for a mutually suitable day and time.

You may not be able to use the Food Pantry right away when you ask for an appointment.

Please provide as much notice as possible, so that we can arrange your visit around our pre-existing commitments.

What food is available?

The Food Pantry supplies a range of basic food and hygiene products. Food items are non-perishable and include, for example; rice, pasta, noodles, cereals, tinned legumes, vegetables, and tuna. Basic hygiene products include toothpaste, soap, toilet paper, sanitary menstrual items and more.

We often have donations from the UNE community available; these food items are often different to what we usually stock. Generally, the available items do not change throughout the year.

How many items can I have?

All students can take up to 12 items per visit. This can be made up of 12 food items, or a combination of food and hygiene items. There is a limit of 2 hygiene items per student. For example, if you took the maximum amount (2) of hygiene items, you could get 10 food items.

Each student may only take 2 of each food/hygiene item. For example, 2 packets of rice is the maximum amount of rice you could take. Each student may take only 1 item from the Donations Box, and this will count toward their total.

A single (1) packet of sanitary pads or tampons are available as a special 13th item for students who require them for their own personal use. If you require pads or tampons for your wife or someone in your household who is not a UNE student, these items will be available within the ordinary allocation of hygiene products.

I’m an online student – can I use the Food Pantry?

Online students are eligible to use the Food Pantry. However, we are only able to offer the Food Pantry from the Armidale UNE campus. Please take note of the Food Pantry opening times. If you are ever visiting the Armidale UNE campus and want to use the Food Pantry, get in touch!

If you live elsewhere and will not be visiting Armidale, we are more than happy to discuss financial assistance with you. We can also point you in the direction of food pantries/banks local to your area.

If I don’t attend twice in one month, can I catch up later?

No catch-up visits are not allowed. Two visits per calendar month is the maximum amount of visits, regardless as to whether you visited only once in the previous month.

The only exception will be if you discuss your financial circumstances with an Advocate and they give you permission for an additional visit that month.

I can’t visit the UNE Armidale campus, can I get my friend to collect the items for me?

Generally, no, we will not allow others to collect Food Pantry items for you. If this is something you’re interested in, get in touch with us. We aim to be very flexible with Food Pantry collection times, however depending on your circumstances, we might make an allowance for another person to collect on your behalf. This request and approval must be made in writing.

I want to donate to the UNE Student Food Pantry – how can I do this?

Any donations are very appreciated and always welcomed. All donated items must be within use-by dates and unopened. Generally speaking, donations of non-perishable items are preferred.

If you wish to donate anything fresh, call us on (02) 6773 3116 or email

What does SSAF pay for other than the Food Pantry?

The Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF) is used to pay for many student-focused projects throughout UNE, as provided for under Australian Government legislation.

The Student Food Pantry is one of those projects. You can see the full allocation of 2019 SSAF funding here.

Whilst Advocacy & Welfare has SSAF funds provided for the Food Pantry, we are not in charge of what the SSAF money gets used for.

Many SSAF funded projects are accessible by online students, in recognition of the fact that online students do pay SSAF. These include Studiosity, Careers, and extended Library hours, among many others viewable on the webpage above. The entire existence of our office – Advocacy & Welfare – is supported by SSAF. The work that we do in supporting UNE students and advocating on their behalf is available to all students.

Find out more about what we do here.