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Scholarships – where do you even start?

With the new year on the horizon it can often be a stressful time trying to budget in the cost of buying textbooks, student accommodation, and other study-related expenses.

So why not try your hand at applying for one of the many scholarships on offer at UNE!?

Did you know there’s a whole stack of scholarships and prizes for commencing, continuing, higher research, Aboriginal and Torres Strait, and international students at UNE? Let’s explore this a little!

Scholarships can range upward into the thousands and are for students who are:

  • high academic achievers and/or;
  • who come from rural areas and/or;
  • studying specific degrees and/or;
  • from disadvantaged groups and/or;
  • who excel at sport and/or;
  • who live in a residential college.

How should you go about applying for scholarships, we’ve got the steps for you:

  1. First things first, every UNE student should visit the UNE Scholarships, Prizes, and Awards landing page from time to time, you can check it out here. From here, you can select which tile is relevant to your studies.
  2. Click on the current or upcoming Trimester and scroll down to view the different Scholarships. Each will have the name of the scholarship, value, and the period to which the scholarship will assist you. It will also show the status of the scholarship.Click on the name of the scholarship to find out more. It will take you to a separate page with all the information you need to know, including:
  • The background or donor of the scholarship
  • A breakdown of the amount and period of the scholarship
  • The closing date for the scholarship – this is important!!!
  • Breakdown of who can apply
  • Selection criteria
  • Supporting documents you may need for the scholarship application
  • Information on how to apply

Please note, that if there’s nothing that really stands out for you, at the point that you’re looking – there’s probably something around the corner – so save the tab!

  1. Once you find the scholarship you’d like to apply for, click on the Application for University of New England Scholarship/s Form that is linked under the ‘How to Apply tab.
  2. Work through the application form. It will ask you for information about your course and financial details. It will also ask you to answer five ‘statements’ that help the scholarship team understand why this scholarship is relevant to you. Don’t be put off by these questions, just be truthful and yourself!
  3. The document may also ask for supporting documentation such as a referee report or evidence of financial need. Not all scholarships will require these, however, you will know if your scholarship requires supporting documentation by going back and looking at the breakdown page mentioned in point 3.
  4. Finally, send your completed form to and pat yourself on the back – you did it!

Now, don’t be put off if you don’t hear back. As much as we wish every student who applies for a scholarship gets one (queue Oprah), it just isn’t the case. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t apply for several scholarships at once, and/or re-apply for the same scholarship in the next trimester or year. There have been plenty of students who received a scholarship on their second and third go. You’ve got to be in it to win it!

And remember, there is support here for you if you need someone to chat to about the scholarship process. Check them all out below.

  • Future Students – School Leaver & Non-School Leaver Scholarship Enquiries Contact the UNE Future Student Team online or call 1800 818 865.
  • Current Students Scholarship Enquiries Contact Student Success via AskUNE or phone 02 6773 2000
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Scholarship Enquiries Contact Oorala Aboriginal Centre on 02 6773 3034
  • Higher Degree Research Scholarship Enquiries Contact HDR Scholarships via AskUNE or phone 02 6773 3745
  • Donor Enquiries Email or phone 02 6773 3876

Now its over to you guys! Good luck!

So…What are you waiting for?

Check out the scholarships that are on offer for UNE Students now!