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The A-Z of UNE student support services

We all need support at some point in our university life, there’s no shame in it. Here’s a quick A-Z guide of the services available to help you out.


The ASO is dedicated to helping you develop your academic skills. That includes study strategies, academic writing, reading strategies, basic maths and statistics help, and referencing. Getting help with referencing early on in your degree is crucial to ensure you avoid academic misconduct!

The ASO regularly runs workshops for both online and on-campus students. They run sessions on skills for postgrad students too!

Email them at or call (02) 6773 3600.



That’s us!! See our previous article “What is Advocacy & Welfare” for a thorough overview of what we do for you.



The Careers Team is there to help you progress from a university student into an employable graduate. The online UNE Careers Toolkit can help you level up your employability, help you understand your career aspirations, and even offers an interview simulation tool. You can even get feedback on your resume. Email with your careers questions.



Current students, both online and on-campus, can access free and confidential counselling through CAPS. Their team is made up of professionally qualified and registered psychologists.

Life gets messy, our brains don’t like to behave and university can add to the stress of everyday life. Why not talk it out with a qualified professional? There’s absolutely no shame in it.

They also offer ‘Study Gym’ sessions to help you avoid procrastination, improve confidence, reduce anxiety and increase concentration.

On-campus students can visit in person, and online students can organize a phone or Zoom appointment. Zoom is an online video chat service. Phone them on (02) 6773 2897 or email



First Year Advisors are available to provide assistance to all you first years out there!

There are specific Advisors for Law & Business, Science, and Arts, Humanities, Social Science & Education.

There is even First Year Advisor specifically for online students. They can help you adjust to university study through discipline-specific academic support.

If you’re a first-year online student, you can also enroll yourself into the First Year Academic Skills Support Moodle page here. 



IT can help you with any technical issues accessing your UNE accounts and assistance with your study related computer questions. IT also provides a range of free software to UNE students. That includes Microsoft Office365, Sophos Antivirus, Endnote, NVivo, and a free Windows 10 upgrade.

Call them on (02) 6773 5000 or 1800 763 040. Email them at



The Dixson and Law Libraries have you covered for all your research and study resource needs.

The Library’s Search provides access to thousands of eBooks and academic journals. If the resource you need isn’t online, hard copy books can be loaned by both online and on-campus students! Online students get FREE return postage for loaned items. You can also request digitisations of portions of hard copy books or journals, sent to your student email inbox as a PDF. If you visit the Library to borrow books during Intensive Schools, let the staff know that you are an Online Student and you can receive your free return postage slip.

The Library runs workshops, some of which are streamed online. These range from Endnote Basics, how to select the best information for your assignments, and how to use Search.

Dixson is one of the central hubs on campus, somewhere you can catch up with friends to study. It even has a student kitchen so you can make hot drinks and reheat your lunch. The Law Library is located in the Economics, Business, and Law (EBL) building, providing law specific resources.

The Library staff are more than happy to help all students in navigating the Library’s services. Give them a call on (02) 6773 2458 or 1800 059 735. You can ‘Ask a Librarian’ here. The Library also offers an online chat service.



The Oorala Aboriginal Centre provides support to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students at UNE. They can help you with course enquiries, questions about UNE colleges, and accessing ABSTUDY and scholarships. They also offer academic and tutorial support. On-campus, Oorala provides study spaces. For online students, study support can be accessed via Skype.

The Oorala staff members are always up for a yarn. You can call them on 1800 622 384 or email through AskUNE.



Safety, Security & Information operate on campus to keep everyone safe. They know their way around campus, so they can definitely help if you get lost. They also offer assistance with parking and student ID cards (relevant to any online students coming to Armidale for Intensive Schools). They run a free Shuttle Bus service for transport to and from the Libraries, past the Colleges and within town boundaries. During Trimesters 1 and 2, they also run a Shuttle Bus service from the Colleges into town. Often during Intensive Schools, they run increases shuttle services.

They can be reached on (02) 6773 2099.


Student Access and Inclusion (SA&I) are there to make sure that everyone can access university study, by making provision for adjustments to be made to your study.

They can help any students who are affected by injury, long illness, disability, learning difficulties or other health conditions. They also help students who are carers of family members with a disability or health condition. Adjustments to study might include receiving extra time or medication breaks during exams, receiving Braille or large print learning materials, or the ability to bring support workers to class.

But it doesn’t stop there. They also help students who live remotely and have unreliable internet, incarcerated students, Defence Reservists, and Emergency Service, Volunteers.

They are completely free and confidential. You can email them at or ring them on (02) 6773 2897.


The Student Grievance Unit (SGU) handles all grievances and complaints. They independently investigate complaints related to a student’s studies or relationship with UNE that may be causing distress to a staff member, student or a member of the public. In some complaints, they offer alternative dispute resolution (mediation). Call them on (02) 6773 4260 or email them through AskUNE.


Student Success is your one-stop-shop for administrative enquiries. They can help with course information, admission to study, enrolment, advanced standing and graduation. They can also link you up with the various Student Support departments, some of which are included in this A-Z list.

For in-person enquiries, they are located in the Dixson Library at the Service Desk. You can also call them on (02) 6773 2000 or submit an enquiry through AskUNE. They also have a live online chat service here.


Student Support encompasses many of the offices in this A-Z list, however, you can contact the Student Support team directly to be pointed in the right direction. The Student Support Team is also responsible for your emoticons and The Vibe in myUNE, Early Alert and Orientation (on-campus, Online, Study Centres and face-to-face off-site). They want to make sure you can stay on track with your studies and access the help you need.

You can call them on (02) 6773 4430 or email them at


If you’re an International student, UNE International are there to support you when you come to UNE. They can help you with visas, course information, accommodation, and connect you to the English Learning Centre. They also run an International Student Orientation to cater to the specific needs of international students.

If you’re a domestic student, UNE International can help you with applying for Student Exchange Programs! Imagine spending a semester or two at a US college or a university in France?

To get in contact with UNE International, email or phone (02) 6773 3192.

These are just a few of the terms, links, and contacts you’ll need in your time at UNE. If you have questions and require more support please reach out to us at Advocacy & Welfare at any time.

Or Pop into UNE Life Student HQ just across from our office and the friendly HQ team will point you in the right direction.